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5 of the Best Parks in Lincolnshire

Both young and old residents of Lincolnshire can enjoy spending their time at the plethora of local parks and nature preserves in the area. As the weather cools and becomes more pleasant, there is no better time to explore and find a new favorite spot to enjoy the weekends as a family. From hidden gems to local hot spots, we’ve gathered 5 of the best parks in Lincolnshire that you have to check out this fall.

Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway

One popular spot for residents of Lincolnshire to walk along, ride bikes on, or canoe at is the Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway. This protected land provides a natural wildlife habitat, as well as plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. The trail travels through Lake County and has a total length of 31.4 miles. It also travels through 12 forest preserves and is the ideal spot for anyone looking to spend time outside in nature, even during the winter months.

Kid’s Castle at Deerpath Park

If you enjoy the rush of adrenaline, this is a park that will both satisfy your need for speed and allow you to rest as well. The playground features a long zipline that kids or adults can swing on, set beside a three story playground that looks like a castle. Throughout the playground, you’ll find a rockwall, monkeybars, and bridges to cross. While your little one is off slaying dragons, you can gain peace of mind knowing that the soft surface underneath will protect them from any falls they may encounter. This is a local favorite for a reason, waiting to be discovered by visitors.

Spring Lake Park

This park doubles as a sandy beach, making it a perfect location for a whole day of fun. Lifeguards are on duty to make sure your family stays safe in the warm water, and showers allow everyone to rinse off on their way out. If you’re staying dry for the day, there are walking trails, benches, and a playground, offering a versatile set of activities for you to enjoy. Lincolnshire locals often play frisbee at this park, enjoying the nice fall weather.

Rivershire Park

This 15 acre park is a nature lover's paradise. With a butterfly garden, wetlands, and meadow, there is a variety of wildlife to observe. Bird watchers can spot their favorite species at sunset and sunrise, and a nature center entertains children with educational activities. Canoers and kayakers also enjoy the park, taking advantage of the boat launch and enjoying the nearby river. If you’re looking to reconnect with mother nature, this is a hidden gem that you can’t pass up.

Brickyards Park

This spacious park is perfect for musicians and athletes alike. With spacious areas to run around in, soccer fields, and basketball courts, kids and adults can play sports all day long without interference from other park-goers. The playground on site features drums, miracas, and other musical instruments for kids to enjoy as they learn about the different sounds they can create. Parents also love the clean bathroom facilities and plenty of parking spots available near both entrances of the park. This is a great park if you’re looking for a playdate location or a family outing that everyone can enjoy.

Everyone loves a day at the park

Parks are great venues for imaginative play, get-togethers with friends and family, and introspective nature walks on your own. From planning a picnic, to a beach day, to getting a breath of fresh air, there is no going wrong when you’re choosing a park to spend your time at. Lincolnshire is a great community for families, and choosing an apartment that is near to these parks is essential to making the most of your surroundings.

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