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5 Reasons Lincolnshire is Perfect for Families

Choosing a town to make your forever home can be a challenging experience. Especially if you love living near a big city, but want less density, Lincolnshire is a location that offers both of these things and more. Families of all ages and sizes enjoy the atmosphere of Lincolnshire. Surrounded by many shopping centers, entertainment options, and restaurants, there is so much to do in Lincolnshire. As an added bonus, Lincolnshire is just 30 miles away from Chicago. We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why Lincolnshire is perfect for families.


Great public schools

Children spend an average of 6 hours per day in school. With time like that, it’s important that your child has the best school experience possible. You also want to make sure that they are learning and achieving their academic goals. Lincolnshire has a plethora of highly rated schools for all levels and ages. Whether you’re looking for a public school or private school experience, you have many options for your child’s education. 


Near Chicago

Chicago is a great city to explore with family, and it’s only 30 miles away from Lincolnshire. There are many different museums, shows, and unique experiences specialized for kids and adults alike. The Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry, and other great family-friendly locations even have dates where Illinois residents receive free admission. 

Chicago is also next to one of the biggest lakes in the world. Lake Michigan is a freshwater lake that seems as big as an ocean. Chicago has several different beaches bordering the lake that families can visit on warmer days. 


Spacious parks and nature reserves

Lincolnshire is a vibrant town surrounded by natural beauty . There are parks full of trees and walking paths, perfect for a walk with your significant other, dog, or kids. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing Sunday walk, a green space to play frisbee, or a spot for a scenic picnic, there are many options near or in Lincolnshire. There are also playgrounds for all ages of kids around the town. Full of slides, swings, and monkey bars, children will have a great time at any of the park playgrounds.  

Spring Lake park has it all, with a secluded playground, pond, and green space to wander and enjoy.  Even in the winter, Florsheim Nature Preserve allows cross country skiing on the 40 acres of paths, allowing you to enjoy the landscape year round. 


Full of all types of people

Lincolnshire is a hot spot for young, old, small, or large families and inviduals. There are children of all ages and all different types of families found in Lincolnshire due to the safe neighborhoods, exceptional schools, and spacious parks. This is great news, especially if you’re looking for a community where you can grow close with your neighbors or make new friends. 


Living in Lincolnshire

Families who enjoy spending time together outdoors or at special attractions will fall in love with Lincolnshire. A convenient location can make all the difference in your lifestyle. In Lincolnshire, you can enjoy quality family time not just on the weekends, but every day. 444 Social is located in a northern suburb of Chicago and offers a cozy, serene atmosphere in Lincolnshire. Enjoy the excitement of a big city, with the perks of a safe, family-friendly neighborhood in Lincolnshire.


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