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Everything You Need to Know About Living in Lincolnshire

Located in the northern suburbs, the village of Lincolnshire offers a cozy, serene atmosphere that is located close to downtown Chicago. There’s a lot to do in Lincolnshire, and attractions include everything—shopping malls, theatres, golf courses, nature preserves, and top-notch restaurants. 

If you’re looking for a new area to live, then you might want to consider living in Lincolnshire. Living in Lincolnshire comes with many benefits, including a family-friendly atmosphere with lots to do. Here is a list of all the things you need to know about living in Lincolnshire.

Offers parks and nature preserves

Residents in Lincolnshire can easily enjoy fresh air since the village has many public parks and nature preserves. At nearby parks and nature preserves, people can spend time outdoors exercising, playing with their kids, or walking their pets. Residents of Lincolnshire are near to the Lake County Forest Preserves, where they can take long, open walks and enjoy the local foliage and animals.

Possesses many top-rated restaurants

If you live in Lincolnshire, then you are located conveniently next to many top-rated eateries. So, if you’re looking for a fine dining experience, or even just a casual brunch on the weekend, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in the area. Some of Lincolnshire’s best restaurants include Big Bowl, Wildfire, and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. Here’s our full list of the best restaurants in Lincolnshire.

Near the Chicago Botanic Garden

Located near Lincolnshire in Glencoe, the Chicago Botanic Garden is one of the world’s great living museums and conservation science centers. Every year, more than one million people visit the 27 gardens and four natural areas. When you visit Chicago Botanic Garden, you’ll be able to experience places like the Aquatic Garden, Bonsai Collection, Japanese Garden, and more.

Has many entertainment options

There are many attractions and entertainment options for people who live in Lincolnshire. Some of Lincolnshire’s attractions include productions at The Marriott Theatre, wine tasting at the nearby Lynfred Winery, and movies at Regal Lincolnshire. If you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, or even on a weekday, then take a look at some of our other suggestions for fun things to do near Lincolnshire

Located 30 miles away from Chicago

If you work in Chicago, or plan to make quick weekend trips to the city, then Lincolnshire is the perfect location for you. Lincolnshire is located conveniently near the 94/294 expressway, making it easy to get to Chicago. It’s also a mere 30 miles away from the city, so you can quickly get there.

Maintains a family-friendly community

Families who live in Lincolnshire often have more opportunities to have fun and grow closer together. They have access to outdoor spaces where they can do exciting activities together, like walking their dog, playing frisbee, or enjoying nature. Since Lincolnshire has many amazing restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment options, your family will be able to have lots of fun. When you live in Lincolnshire, you also have the luxury of selecting to live in close proximity to your child’s school and your office. Your commute time to the school and office could be shortened, allowing you to spend more time with your family and less time in the car. Lincolnshire is also home to Illinois’ top-ranked Adlai Stevenson High School, ideal for families with high school-aged children.

Living in Lincolnshire

Living in Lincolnshire means you can easily spend time outdoors, eat at top-rated restaurants, and have access to many entertainment options. You can also easily visit places like the Chicago Botanic Garden or downtown Chicago, located a mere 30 miles away. Lincolnshire is extremely family-friendly, allowing you to spend more time with your family day-to-day. Choosing to live in Lincolnshire will give you access to everything you need to live a successful life.

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