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Why People Are Moving Away From the City

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Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, many people who have previously been committed to living in the city have begun to see the benefits of living in the suburbs. However, even before this, there was a trend of people choosing to leave urban areas behind. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, the metro Chicago area lost an estimated 22,068 residents from 2017 to 2018. Now, with the circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the need to protect individual and family health, even more city residents may consider moving to suburbia.

Find more open space

Cities are usually more crowded than the suburbs, which is why people are leaving large metropolitan areas right now. Currently, people are seeking places to live that are less crowded, so that they can keep their distance from those who might be sick. High rise apartments in cities often have small common spaces where people can’t avoid congregating, such as in elevators. Some apartment communities outside of urban areas have adopted conveniences to help residents avoid gatherings. For example, 444 Social provides its residents with direct access to parking spaces so that residents don’t need to use elevators to get to their cars. 

Other public spaces like shopping malls are generally less crowded in the suburbs. This type of place in cities can often be overcrowded due to tourists who visit the city and tight urban spaces. However, in the suburbs, this type of place usually is more spread out and has fewer people. People who live in the suburbs can more easily avoid crowded places to keep their health and safety secure, which is especially helpful during this time.

Experience fresh air

Residents in suburbia can easily enjoy fresh air. Most areas away from any metropolis have less pollution in the air, as well as public parks and nature trails. At public parks, people can spend time outdoors exercising, playing with their kids, or walking their pets. Public parks are usually less crowded in suburban areas. People can also enjoy walking on nearby nature trails through state parks or forest preserves. Residents at 444 Social in Lincolnshire are near to the Lake County Forest Preserves, where they can take long, open walks and enjoy the local foliage and animals.

Enjoy the peace and quiet

Living in the city can bring more noise into your home. However, the suburbs are normally more quiet and peaceful, which can make it easier to concentrate if you work from home, or even if you just want to read a good book. In the suburbs, you won’t continuously hear horns, sirens, or general cacophony from traffic, large crowds, or events, since everything is more spread out. You won’t need to worry about concerts, festivals, or parades overtaking your day with commotion. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with residential living.

Finding apartment communities in the suburbs

The good news is that if you choose to leave the city, you can still find luxurious apartment communities in the suburbs. You won’t need to give up any of the high-end amenities that you have access to in your city apartment, since many suburbs also have apartment communities with lavish comforts. Many apartment complexes also have pet-friendly policies and conveniences, so that your furry friend can move with you. Once you move into a suburban apartment community, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of living in an area with open spaces, fresh air, and more peace and quiet. 

444 Social, located in Lincolnshire, is a wonderful neighborhood to rent a brand new apartment and escape the city of Chicago. Interested in learning more about our apartment complex in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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