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8 Things to Do With Your Family While You're Quarantined

The current worldwide health pandemic has halted life as we know it, which means that people are looking to create new routines and ways to make their days more interesting and productive, all while inside their homes. Wherever you’re self-isolating, you’re probably experiencing feelings of boredom and monotony, especially if you live in an apartment community. During this time, most apartment communities have closed all amenities for the protection of residents. Despite amenity closures, there are still a lot of fun activities that families can do while inside. We’ve created a list of things your family can do to entertain yourselves at home.

Clean and organize your home

While stuck inside, you might as well consider cleaning and organizing your apartment, with your family’s help of course. You can organize your kitchen, closet, or junk draweror basically any space that needs to be put in order. Assign tasks to different family members so that the work gets done. Cleaning and organizing your home can help the rooms feel more spacious and comfortable.

Do an at-home workout video

Exercising is much more enjoyable when you can do it with others, which is why you should try doing a workout video with your family. Since many apartment gyms are currently closed, as well as public parks and spaces, it’s more difficult to get the exercise you need. However, burning calories with your family can make it more agreeable, and hold you accountable. If you have children, there are workout videos geared towards kids on Youtube, so that the whole family can participate. 

Watch a movie marathon

Now is the time to break out the popcorn and treats to watch a movie marathon. Movie marathons bring families together over series like Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. It’s a perfect activity for a family to do on a night in. 

Order takeout or delivery from a local restaurant

Support local restaurants by ordering a meal via a delivery service or pickup. Since most restaurants are struggling to stay open while dine-in options are restricted, many are offering pickup or delivery options for orders. Order from your favorite restaurants nearby, or even try a new one to mix it up. Then, enjoy eating a delicious meal with your family at home. 

Try a new recipe

Trying out a new recipe with your family can be a fun bonding experience. First, you’ll want to do research on what food you and your family want to make together. Look through cookbooks or consult Pinterest for a delectable recipe. If you find a cookbook you especially like, you could even try a new recipe each day from it. Whether you choose to bake cookies or cook dinner, it’s always exciting to try a new recipe!

Play an exciting game

Playing games as a family can help pass the time and be an entertaining experience. Try playing a new board or card game, or even a puzzle if you want to do a slower-paced activity. There are games for kids of all ages, so make sure that the one you choose is appropriate for the whole family to play.

Channel your inner artist

Host an arts and crafts class for your family to participate in. This can be anything you feel inclined to do, including painting, drawing, sculpting, or even knitting or tie-dying. Get creative and choose a craft that you think your family will enjoy. 

Stay connected with friends and family

If you live alone, or away from friends and extended family, then it’s important that you  stay connected with those whom you can’t visit because of social distancing. You can stay in touch by making video calls to your loved ones, or even by writing old-fashioned  letters. Consider hosting a weekly virtual cocktail hour with friends or family. Or you could read stories virtually to younger family members such as nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. Staying connected with your friends and family will help you feel less lonely and more sociable. 

Developing healthy routines

Although it can be difficult for some to stay inside all day and self-isolate, it’s essential to curb the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. It’s vital that people develop new routines to keep them safe, happy, and healthy while staying at home. Finding things to do with your family can keep you entertained, while also maintaining your safety and health at home. This list of fun activities can allow your family to develop new hobbies, try exciting activities, and distract you from temporary limitations during this time. 

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