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4 Beach Spots Near Lincolnshire to Visit

Lincolnshire is a beautiful, family-friendly area with lots to do. In the summertime, as temperatures skyrocket, residents of Lincolnshire can enjoy a variety of local beaches nearby. These beaches all offer unique benefits, so whether you’re looking to swim or tan, throw around a ball or build a sand castle, there’s a beach for you. Here is a list of 4 popular beaches to visit this summer near Lincolnshire.

Diamond Lake Beach

This beach is on the edge of a natural lake and features both sandy and grassy areas. Lifeguards are on site to keep your family safe, and paddle boats are available for rent. One major perk of this location is that although it is public, it’s rarely crowded, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the space.

If you’re not looking to get in the water, but still want to enjoy a fun day in the sun, Diamond Lake Beach has volleyball courts, a playground, and a picnic area in the shade. Day passes are available for purchase. If your family has young children, this could be the place for you.

Lake Minear Beach

This members-only beach provides a semi-private area to enjoy the summer breeze. If you enjoy fishing, this lake is the perfect year-round location to catch a bite. Small fishing boats and kayaks are available for rent.

One unique thing about this beach is that the lifeguards also offer swim lessons to children. You’ll have peace of mind as your kids learn how to swim out to a floating raft in the lake and back to shore under the supervision of trained instructors.

Spring Lake Park

This park is more than just a beach, it’s the perfect place for all of your outdoor summer activities. Have fun and get some exercise at the tennis and basketball courts, or at the baseball field. A playground for the kids is nearby, allowing you to keep an eye on them while enjoying yourself. There is shade throughout the park, helping you avoid sunburns and to keep cool as you play.

If you get hungry, there are grills and picnic areas for your summertime barbeque. The park is free and for a water fee, your family can enjoy the small lake. The water is clean and warm, with lifeguards available. This is the spot for you if you’re looking to make a whole day of your beach visit.

Rosewood Beach

With Lake Michigan so close by, it would be a missed opportunity to skip the beaches along its shoreline. Rosewood Beach is about 20 minutes outside of Lincolnshire. The inlets help to keep the water calm, creating a relaxing location to swim or sunbathe. It also offers water fountains, spots to rinse off, and an event center ideal for weddings. This beach is even eco-friendly, which helps keep it pristine.

Although it’s small, this beach is rarely crowded and feels more private than most. The sandy beach lies near a playground and Highland Park, where there are often summer activities to participate in. From yoga to swimming to capturing gorgeous pictures, you can easily spend an entire day taking in the beauty of this gem.

Find the right beach for your family

Summer is shorter than you think, so don’t waste a single day. Find the beach that works best for you and your family, and enjoy a day of warm weather and cold water. Whether that’s at a public or a private beach, you’ll make memories that will never be forgotten.

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