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4 of the Best Outdoor Recreational Areas Near Lincolnshire

Living at 444 Social puts you in close proximity to a number of restaurants, coffee shops, and a plethora of indoor activities to enjoy in the suburbs. However, sometimes there’s nothing better than a day outside, especially as we approach summertime. We’ve created a list of four of the best outdoor recreational areas near Lincolnshire, all of which are just a short drive from our luxury apartment community.

Didier Farms  

Located just a five minute drive from 444 Social, Didier Farms is a great place to set aside a few hours and go to during the spring or summer. The farm has something for everyone in Lincolnshire. If you are looking for quality, locally-grown produce, look no further. Set aside a few hours to walk around and explore the options, or order bushels of vegetables on the phone ahead of time if you’re in a rush. Check out the specials section of the Didier Farms website to keep up to date with anything else available, whether it’s produce, donuts, or new flavors of fudge.

Didier Farms is also a great place for a date or a family outing. Admissions and tickets are inexpensive and there are various animal rides and other activities that are available to both adults and children. Whether you want to bask in the warm weather or pick up some fresh produce, Didier Farms is an enjoyable outing in Lincolnshire.  

Crane’s Landing Golf Club

Golf enthusiasts throughout Lincolnshire can’t miss out on Crane’s Landing Golf Club. Located at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort, Crane’s Landing is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary and features an endless array of options for golfers. 

Spanning 18 holes and 6,290 yards, the course is open to the public if you book tee time as a guest, although regular golfers in the area should consider getting a membership. Located on over 100 acres of preserved woodlands, Crane’s Landing Golf Club offers magnificent views of the Des Plaines River throughout the course. With four separate tees and many water challenges, the club is a place all residents of Lincolnshire can enjoy on a nice day out. 

Half Day Forest Preserve 

The Half Day Forest Preserve is a trail that runners, bikers, walkers, and cross country skiers can all enjoy. The scenic trail spans one mile and, just like 444 Social, is a dog friendly area. All can enjoy the picnic facilities, along with a playground, pond for fishing, and playfield available. 

If you’re looking to go further than a mile, the Half Day Forest Preserve is connected to the Wright Woods Forest Reserve through a bridge over the Des Plaines River. 

Overall, the Half Day Forest Preserve is not a difficult trail to follow and can be great for a more mellow walk with children. Open from 6:30 a.m. until sunset each day, the scenic area can be enjoyed for many activities and is one of the best outdoor areas in Lincolnshire. 

Rivershire Park 

Spanning fifteen acres, Rivershire Park is another spot in Lincolnshire that offers many options in terms of outdoor recreation. Those looking to spend a day boating on the Des Plaines River can launch from here, and canoes can even be stored on the racks for a yearly fee. There’s also lots of wildlife to enjoy. Bird houses and feeders are all over the area, making it an excellent place to sit down with a pair of binoculars. 

Restored in 1997, this large meadow is another place to launch into the river, get exercise, or simply relax and enjoy the wildlife. Make the short drive from 444 Social and enjoy yet another wonderful option for outdoor recreation in Lincolnshire. 

Living in Lincolnshire

Living in Lincolnshire throughout the warmer months will leave you with many great days of outings ahead! Since 444 Social is close to many of these great areas, residents of our apartment community will be able to spend lots of time outdoors.

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