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6 Things to Do During the Holidays with Family

Wintertime is on its way, as well as holiday festivities. It’s the time of year where families gather, whether it’s just your household or extended family gathering virtually. If your family lives in an apartment community, you might be thinking about the different options of things to do this winter, especially with the state guidelines recently set to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Luckily, there are many holiday-related endeavors to choose from that are both safe and fun. Here’s a list of 6 things your family can do together during the holidays.

Go on a nature walk

If you’d like to brave the cold and spend time outside, then going on a socially distanced nature walk is a great idea for you and your family members. Plus, it’s a great way to get exercise and you can even walk your dog. Lincolnshire provides access to many different nature trails and parks, such as the Lake County Forest Preserves and Des Plaines River Trail, where people can take long walks or ride bicycles and see the local vegetation and animals. Pack hot cocoa or snacks for your family to enjoy while on your nature walk. 

Play games 

One fun way to spend time with family is to play games. Within your household, you can play in-person games like Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, or Twister. If you have extended family living farther away, you could play games online with them over Zoom calls. Games like Kahoots, Quiplash, or Drawful are just a few games you can play online together. This will bring your family closer together, whether you play games in-person or virtually.

Watch a holiday movie

Movie nights are a staple activity for many families during the holidays. Now is the time to break out the popcorn and treats to watch a holiday movie like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, A Christmas Story, or Home Alone. It’s a perfect activity for a family to do on a night in. If your family lives far away, you could watch a movie together over Zoom, or even by using Disney+’s new feature GroupWatch which allows you to watch any title on Disney+ with your personal friends and family virtually through the app.

Play video games

If you have a child or another family member who enjoys playing video games, this is a great bonding opportunity for your family. Take turns playing video games together such as Mario Kart, FIFA, Minecraft, or Fortnite. If you have a Wii video game console, you could play motion centered games like Wii Sports. Pick your favorite games, and then spend the night playing together. 

Make a recipe and eat it

Making a recipe with your family can be a fun bonding experience. First, you’ll want to do research on what type of food you and your family want to make together. Look through cookbooks or consult Pinterest for a delectable recipe. Since it is the holiday season, you could make sugar cookies shaped like Santa, candy canes, or presents. If you find a cookbook you especially like, you could even try a new recipe each day from it. Whether you choose to bake cookies or cook dinner, it’s always exciting to try a new recipe! 

Start a new tradition

Since it’s the holiday season, it’s a great time to start a new family tradition. Many families have traditions around the holidays, like serving those in need, decorating their homes, or doing a craft. While you probably already have traditions in place, it can be fun to start a new tradition to further spend time together. Whatever tradition you choose to start, make sure it is something that every family member will enjoy doing in future years.

Enjoying the holidays

Finding things to do with your family during the holidays that are both safe and fun can keep you entertained, while also maintaining your safety and health at home. This list of fun activities will allow your family to spend quality time together, try exciting activities, and distract you from temporary limitations during this time. 

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