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7 Fun Family-Friendly Fall Activities

The leaves are changing vibrant hues of orange and red, while people are participating in fall activities galore. It’s fall, the perfect season to spend time with family and enjoy the weather before winter comes. If your family lives in an apartment community, you might be thinking about the different options of things to do this fall during sweater weather. Luckily, there are many autumn-related endeavors to choose from, especially if you live in Lincolnshire. Here’s a list of 7 fun family-friendly fall activities.

Go apple picking

Illinois has a wide selection of apple orchards where you can pick apples right off the tree. It’s a fun activity for the entire family since everyone can participate. There are a variety of apple orchards in Woodstock, located an hour’s drive from Lincolnshire, including Homestead Orchard, All Seasons Orchard, and Lang’s Orchard. After you pick apples, you can make homemade caramel apples, apple butter, applesauce, or apple pie as a family.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Nothing says fall more than visiting a pumpkin patch and picking the perfect pumpkin. Children will especially love this fall activity since they will be able to select their own pumpkin, as well as enjoy some of the other fall activities that many pumpkin patch farms offer for visitors. One popular pumpkin patch in Lincolnshire is Didier Farms, where you’ll not only find pumpkins, but also delicious apple cider donuts, fresh produce, and homemade pies. After you’ve picked your pumpkins and returned home, your family can make memories by designing and carving jack o’ lanterns together.

Find fall foliage

Luckily, Illinois has plenty of fall foliage to see almost everywhere you go during the fall season. Your family could go on a nature hike or even just go to the park, where you’ll all be able to see the leaves changing colors throughout the fall months. Lincolnshire provides access to many different nature trails and parks, such as the Lake County Forest Preserves and Des Plaines River Trail, where people can take long walks or ride bicycles and see the local vegetation and animals. Pack a picnic and snacks for your family to enjoy while surrounded by fall foliage.

Visit a corn maze

The world’s largest corn maze is located about 30 miles from Lincolnshire, at Richardson Farm. The Richardson Corn Maze has 9 to 10 miles of trails winding through 28 acres of live corn, so be prepared to get lost. The maze is created with 4 smaller mazes and includes bridges that can help you find your bearings—and don’t worry, you will be given a map! Your family will love wandering through this gigantic corn maze, and afterward, you can purchase fresh donuts or cups of hot chocolate to reward your family for finishing the maze.

Have a movie night

Hosting a movie night is a great way to spend time and bond with your family. Plus, everyone will appreciate it if you make popcorn and serve candy. It can also be fun to rent or buy a projector, hang a sheet on the wall, and create a theater-like atmosphere. Or, you can take your family to Lincolnshire’s drive-in theater at Loft 21, where they are regularly showing movies every Friday night. Select a family-friendly movie that everyone will like, and start watching. 

Learn a new recipe for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s the ideal time to try out new recipes for the big feast. This is a great activity for the whole family to do together, plus teamwork makes everything go faster and can be much more efficient. Your family could attempt to make a new pie recipe, such as pumpkin pie, or even try to make peach cobbler. After it’s done, bon appétit!

Host a bonfire

Since the weather is generally nice in the fall, albeit more chilly, you could plan to do a bonfire with your family. Find a park or place that has fire pits—or your apartment community if they have one—and bring folding chairs, blankets, roasting sticks, and of course, items to roast like marshmallows. Your family will be able to chat and swap stories while staying warm by the flickering flames. 

Living in Lincolnshire

Living in Lincolnshire during the fall means you will be able to participate in many fun fall activities. If you live in Lincolnshire, your family will be able to easily spend time outdoors, eat at top-rated restaurants, and have access to many entertainment options. You can also easily visit places like the Chicago Botanic Garden or downtown Chicago, located a mere 30 miles away. Lincolnshire is extremely family-friendly, allowing you to spend more time with your family day-to-day. Choosing to live in Lincolnshire will give you access to everything you need to live a successful life.

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