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5 Ideas for Creating a Learning-Friendly Apartment Environment

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused many schools to switch from in-person classes to remote learning environments. With more students attending school virtually, it’s important that they have a space where they can learn with little distraction. Apartment communities can provide great places for students of all ages to learn. Some even have amenities like communal lounges with free WiFi and private meeting and conference rooms for those who need them.

If you have a child who is starting school again in the fall, or even live with a college-aged student, here are some ideas to help you create a learning-friendly apartment environment for them.

Designate a space for learning

Sometimes, there can be a lot of noise and distraction in your home, with doors opening and closing, sounds coming from the TV and the dog barking. To avoid distractions, you’ll need to create a learning-friendly space that is separate from the rest of your apartment. You might want to pick a room for this space that is used less, like a spare bedroom or nook. Try to select a room without a TV, and if it can’t be avoided, then make sure it remains off during school. If needed, students can wear noise-canceling headphones while learning to minimize background sounds so that they can focus. Additionally, you could put up a curtain, or another type of divider, to separate their workspace from the rest of the apartment. 

Organize supplies

Students often have a lot of supplies, such as pens, pencils, rulers, highlighters, notebooks, and textbooks. All of these materials and supplies can create a mess unless they are properly organized. You might need to use bins and baskets to organize these items, and maybe even a label maker to label containers. A clear and uncluttered environment will foster learning and make it easier for students to remain focused during schooling. 

Keep the room clean

Along with keeping supplies organized, make sure that the room where your student is learning in stays clean. Put away any toys or extracurricular items that may have been left out. That way, the student can more easily focus on their schoolwork. 

Make the space comfortable and fun

Even though you want learning spaces to be organized and clean, don’t forget to make the area comfortable and fun. Students should be excited to learn, as well as comfortable while they are learning. Select a comfortable chair for your student to sit in, along with a desk the appropriate size. To make the space fun, allow the student to decorate their space with photos or drawings. They will look forward to learning in a more comfortable and personalized space

Utilize proper lighting

It’s always a good idea to keep your student’s workspace well lit. Research shows that light not only improves mood but also can increase energy levels. Because of this, you should make sure your student’s workstation has a light located nearby or a window adjacent for natural light to filter through. Adjust the setting on the light so that the workstation is well-lit, as well as the shades on the neighboring windows.

The benefits of remote learning in an apartment

Now that you’ve set up a home learning environment, your student is ready to be successful when school starts. Learning in an apartment has many benefits. It allows students to have a more flexible schedule so that they can take breaks when needed. Students can enjoy the comforts of their own home while learning, including eating lunch at their own kitchen table. Even though many students are only temporarily learning at home, they can still reap the benefits of it.

444 Social offers a variety of floor plans to promote a flexible environment for students. Interested in learning more about our apartment complex in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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