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How to Create a Home Office In an Apartment

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Working from a home office in an apartment has many benefits—like being able to work in your pajamas for instance. It also allows you to have a more flexible schedule, so that you can take care of your family members if needed. You can enjoy the comforts of your own home while working, including eating lunch at your own kitchen table. There is zero commute and no distractions from noisy co-workers. With so many advantages of working from home, it’s easy to see why many people living in apartment communities choose it.  

If you work from home or plan to in the future, then you’ll want to know how you can create a productive office environment. To build an effective home office in your apartment, follow these four tips.

Choose compact furniture

Since you are going to be using some of your apartment’s space to make a home office, you’ll want to use compact furniture so that you don’t take up too much room. For example, you can buy a chair without armrests, so that it can fit easily underneath your desk. Or, you can purchase a mini two-drawer file cabinet on wheels for storage and keep it under your desk. When you're selecting a desk, look for one that isn't too bulky and can fit easily in your space. When you go to the store for your new furniture, remember to look for more compact furniture. 

Utilize proper lighting

When creating a small home office, it’s always a good idea to think about options for lighting. It’s important to have enough light in your home office because research shows that light not only improves mood but also can increase energy levels. You can purchase a small desk light, or a standing light to go next to your workstation. Adjust the lights so that your workstation is well-lit. 

Personalize your workspace

Think small potted plants, picture frames, calendars, and pencil holders. Decorations and accessories not only personalize your workspace but can also inspire and motivate you at work. Choose desk accessories that are both decorative and functional. Use desktop and drawer organizers for any loose papers, pens, and other odds and ends. Having an organized desk can help your space feel less cluttered and improve your focus.

Minimize distractions

Sometimes, there’s a lot of noise and distraction at home, with doors opening and closing, sounds coming from the TV, and the dog barking. To avoid distractions from your life at home, you’ll need to create an office space that is separate from the rest of your apartment. You might want to pick a room for your office that is used less, like a closet, spare bedroom, or nook. Try to select a room without a TV, and if it can’t be avoided, then make sure it remains off while you’re working. If needed, you can wear noise-canceling headphones while working to minimize background sounds so that you can focus. Additionally, you could put up a curtain to separate your workspace from the rest of your apartment. 

Additional benefits 

Luxury apartment communities can provide amenities that are helpful to those who work at home. When you need a break from your home office, you can work in an apartment’s designated private working space, such as a conference room. These types of rooms are available to residents whenever they need them. Additionally, apartment communities often offer free Wifi in their common spaces for those who need to use the Internet and sometimes have coffee bars, so that residents can grab a coffee and get to work. If you need to take a break, you can squeeze in a workout at your apartment’s gym to help reenergize and refocus. At 444 Social, to make your work life easier, we provide communal spaces to work which include private meeting rooms and cozy areas  such as The Library to work by the fireplace. 

Complete your home office

Working from a home office in a luxury apartment has many benefits. It can help you balance your home and work-life, while also providing you with a comfortable place to focus and great amenities. Creating a small home office doesn’t need to be difficult. First, select compact furniture for your office. Then, choose lights for your office so that it will be well-lit and so that you can be more productive. After that, personalize your desk, but make sure that it also stays organized and free of clutter. Lastly, think about how you can minimize distractions in your home office space. Once your apartment’s office is completed, enjoy the freedom of working from the comforts of your own home

444 Social offers a variety of floor plans to promote a flexible working environment. Interested in learning more about our apartment complex in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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