5 Reasons Why Downsizing to a Luxury Apartment is an Upgrade

Downsizing to luxury apartment buildings may be the way of the future. Houses are great for some, and offer many comforts and conveniences. However, the idea of a house with a yard and a white picket fence may not be for everyone. Many individuals, couples, and families are deciding to move out of houses and into suburban luxury apartments.

Why move? Downsizing your home can decrease the amount of required maintenance, while giving your home an update with 5-star amenities, greater flexibility with your space and your time.

Less Home Maintenance

Apartments give you the benefits of living in a homey environment - but without the required maintenance. A smaller apartment with fewer rooms than a house means less space to clean and fewer things to repair. Less maintenance means more time to spend doing what you love.

Additionally, moving from a house to an apartment gives you an opportunity to go through old things and decide what is worth keeping. It is easy to accumulate odds and ends, and it can be liberating to take the time to go through them in order to get rid of things you no longer use.

Luxury apartments can also offer outdoor spaces for you or your pets to exercise, allowing for outdoor exploration without having to maintain your own lawn. For example, 444 Social’s Woof Top pet areas give your pup excellent space to roam around outside off leash, while The Loop is a great trail for exercising with your pet, or for biking and running on your own.

Flexible Working Space

Communal working spaces can offer alternatives to limited-use studies in your home, and a great for flexible work styles. Shared co-working spaces can give you a place to get your work done without dedicating an entire room to your own home office. 444 Social offers access to private meeting and conference rooms, as well as The Collective: a coffee bar and a community working lounge.

Social spaces can also offer great ways to take a productivity break and get the most out of your workday. Spending time in a resort-style pool like The Retreat is a great way to burn off some excess energy while enjoying some fun in the sun. A communal yard with games and grills can also be a great space to get to know your fellow residents, network, and take a break from a stressful workday.

On-Site Fitness Centers

Luxury apartments can offer amenities that give you the option of working out in your building without devoting living space to workout equipment, or spending time commuting to the gym. Many luxury apartments include an in-building gym or a yoga studio for resident use. 444 Social’s Fit Life features a functional fitness studio, cardio studio, and yoga studio, giving you the space to work out your way without using up functional space in your apartment.

Easy Dining Alternatives

Although cooking can be a joy, it can be exhausting. It can also be difficult to come up with new dish ideas on your own, or to find new restaurants to try. Living in a luxury apartment, you can turn to the concierge service where you can order fresh meal prep kits delivered directly to your home each week, or have recommendations for new and interesting restaurants in the area that meet your specifications.

Love Where You Live 

Living in a house can mean keeping-up office space, home gyms, extensive maintenance, and repetitive dining habits. Downsizing to a luxury apartment can save you functional space and maintenance work by providing excellent communal offices and gyms, all while reducing your travel stress and refreshing eating habits. Living in a luxury apartment gives you the freedom to live in your space, on your own schedule. You can upgrade your lifestyle by transitioning to an apartment with luxury amenities and flexible communal spaces.

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