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What Happens When You Move Out of a House into a Luxury Apartment

So, you're finally ready to move out of your house and into a luxury apartment. For many, this can be a big change, but who said downsizing can't be an upgrade? If you're moving into the right place, going from a house to an apartment can mean gaining a new community, access to great amenities and still having room for everything you need.

Upgrade with a Downsize

Going from a house to a luxury apartment sometimes means transitioning from four or five bedrooms to a living space with two to three bedrooms. For many, this is a welcome case of addition by subtraction. Residents in a luxury apartment still have room for family and friends to come visit without the hassle of worrying about maintaining those vacant rooms in your home that go unused. Preparing to move from your house to an apartment gives you an opportunity to go through some of the clutter that's been collecting in bedrooms and prioritize what you actually need. The move also offers you a great opportunity to sell or donate some old furniture you no longer use. While you may lose a bedroom, you'll find yourself actually making use of the rooms you do have and enjoying your space more without the stress of energy wasted on keeping up extra rooms. At 444 Social, residents can choose from cozy studio and loft floor plans to spacious three-bedroom layouts depending on their needs.

Amenities for All

One of the perks of moving into a luxury apartment is the number of amenities. Whether it's common working spaces, media rooms, or entertaining areas, many buildings allow you to choose your own adventure as soon as you step out of your door. At 444 Social, there is something for everyone. Professionals who need a spot to work but don't want to sacrifice turning an extra bedroom into a home office can head to The Collective or The Library to grab a cup of coffee and get some work done. Want to catch the big game but don't feel like trekking to a sports bar? The Stadium is a multi-level media lounge perfect for cheering on your favorite team. If you're looking to entertain a larger party, 444 Social has you set, too. Hang out with guests at The Retreat, the resort-inspired swimming pool with a sundeck, or fire up the grills at The Yard, a lush outdoor area with shuffleboard and a fire pit. If its indoor entertaining you are after, host a party in The Social or a big family dinner at The Chef’s Table.

Easy Access to Fitness 

Moving into a luxury apartment means access to fitness is easier than ever. No more getting in the car and driving all the way to the gym or worrying about maintenance for your home gym equipment. Many luxury apartments include gyms with high-end equipment and plenty of outdoor spaces for you to take your workout outside. At 444 Social, residents have access to three on-site fitness studios including a yoga and dance studio, where you can get work up a sweat on a state-of-the-art Peloton bike, head outside for a jog on our private half-mile trail, or kayak in the pond by our private community dock. Working out is as easy as walking out your front door.

A New Community

The best part of moving into a luxury apartment may be getting to be surrounded by people who are at a similar stage in life as you. Living in the same building as others means the couple next door aren’t just your neighbors, they’re a part of your new community. Common spaces in luxury apartments make it easy to get to know others in your community and make new friends. Many buildings have events to get everyone together or have resources to tell you what’s going on in your area. Even though you could get away never leaving your new luxury apartment, sometimes it’s good to grab a neighbor and explore your greater community.

Making the Move

When the time is right, trading in your house for a new luxury apartment can give you all the comfort of a home without the hassle and upkeep a house requires. At 444 Social you’ll have room for everything you need and the best amenities to make working, entertaining, or exercising a breeze. Plus, in a community living place, it’s never too late to make some new friends.

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