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5 Dog-Friendly Amenities to Look for in 2019

Now that somewhere around 70% of apartment renters own a pet, finding apartment communities that accommodate furry friends is easier than ever. But beyond simply allowing animals to live there, it can sometimes be a challenge to evaluate the best possible environment for your pet. Many apartment communities are recognizing the importance of adding pet-friendly amenities to their list of resident offerings, enticing dog owners and dog lovers alike. Here are some of the top pup-friendly amenities to look for in today’s market.

Built-in Dog Walking Paths

Most dogs rely on some sort of consistent exercise to stay healthy, so a living community that provides access to walking trails or other outdoor amenities is a necessity. An apartment community in a more suburban area is often able to provide more land than a city-located one, so keep location in mind when scoping out dog-walking routes. These spaces are also a great way to meet other pet owners, as your paths are likely to cross over the course of scheduled daily walks with your canine companion.

Designated Dog Park

Some apartment complexes even provide designated dog-spaces, with fenced in play areas perfect for releasing energy off-leash. Not only will your pups be able to burn off any excess energy, but they’ll also have the potential of making friends with other dogs. Some apartment communities, like 444 Social in Lincolnshire, have incorporated pet play areas into their building design from the start. 444 Social offers a “Woof Top” above each parking deck in the facility, so your pets are free to explore a multitude of rooftop parks.

Dog-Walking Services

There’s no denying that one of the most challenging aspects of owning a dog is finding time in your schedule to keep them active. But some apartment communities are finding ways to make this aspect of your life stress-free, offering in-house dog-walking services. Some residential communities even offer concierge services (like dog walking) through an app, which gives you the option of changing plans last-minute without leaving your furry friend in the dust.

Boarding and Pet-Sitting

Sometimes, simply finding someone to walk your dog isn’t quite enough. Whether you regularly get called away on business trips or just want to be prepared if there’s ever an emergency that takes you far from home, knowing that your apartment community can provide on-site boarding or pet-sitting services can definitely provide some peace of mind. Forget about sacrificing quality care for last-minute availability—residential communities are able to provide both on-demand.

Pet-Owning Community Groups

Leaving the house might entail lots of strangers approaching and asking to pet your pup. But all that attention doesn’t usually translate into a sense of community—you need to be able to connect with other dog owners for a true social outlet for you and your furry companion. That’s part of the reason why apartment communities are starting to offer social groups both online and off; you can reach out to other pet owners in your residential area and meet up or trade tips for pet care. Finding an apartment community that offers a platform for this kind of connection is a great, easy way to find your people. 

The 444 Social Mobile App provides these community messaging boards, as well as top concierge services on-demand. Interested in learning more about our pet-friendly community in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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