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5 Luxury Apartment Amenities to Look for in 2019

As we are approaching 2019 and are looking for our next homes, the amenities list is on the top of our minds, and a building without available resources can be a major deal breaker.

A development that offers top-notch amenities, such as recreational activities, access to nature and fitness, and use of technology, will make living there worthwhile. These are the key luxury apartment amenities that people are looking for in today’s market.


Pet-Friendly Amenities  

If a building has a dog park or access to greenery or open space on a rooftop deck or outdoor courtyard, it’s a huge plus for dog owners in particular who need to walk their dog regularly, take them out to meet other dogs, or just want them to play and stay active as much as possible.


A Great Fitness Culture

People today love to get a morning jog or ride on a spin bike before the workday starts—health and wellness has become a huge component towards bettering one’s well-being and quality of life. If there is access to fitness on site, it makes it convenient for people with busy schedules to squeeze in a workout without needing to trek to a gym or pay additional cost for a membership. 

Example amenities include an outdoor trail around the development where people can ride a bike or run for distance, functional fitness studios on site, such as a spin bike room, cardio and strength training equipment, or access to fitness classes at local studios, and a pool, where residents can do laps or water aerobics.


Play Rooms

Shuffleboard and billiards, screening/cinema rooms, virtual reality stimulators such as indoor golf, and social community rooms for hosting parties and events—all of these amenities provide access to play and leisure, where residents can invite guests over to partake in the activities with them. 

For when residents don’t want to go out on the town or watch television upstairs in their living room, they can go downstairs, stay within their building, and have a great time with friends, family, or other neighbors! (Yes, that’s right—these play amenities are great for making new friendships in the building!)


Coworking Space

Lots of people have flexible work structures or work from home, thanks to a more relaxed office culture and the rise in remote business contracts and entrepreneurship.


High-End Technology

There’s no denying it—people love incorporating technological advances into their daily lives, as they often provide more convenience and greater efficiency. Some developments are social apps where residents can submit a maintenance request, communicate with other residents, and book private rooms—all to manage their life with the simple touch of a finger.

Some buildings also focus on smart package lockers, keyless entry doors, advanced lighting systems, various USB plug sockets, and high-tech thermostats. 

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