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4 Reasons to Live in an Apartment with a Pool

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Apartment hunting can be difficult. There are so many features to look for, and some buildings may offer more amenities or special features than others do. One feature that always stands out among apartment building amenities is a pool. A pool offers residents the chance to rest, recharge and enjoy the sunshine, all while staying close to home. Here are four reasons we’ve compiled to help you consider whether you’re looking for an apartment with a pool.

The pools are luxurious

An apartment with a pool brings luxury and resort-style living to your backyard. You have a built-in place to enjoy the sun, take a midday break, or spend the weekend. During the warm summer months, living in a building with a pool can feel like living at a resort.

At some apartment buildings, the pool is more than just a pool. At 444 Social, it’s not just a place to swim and tan –– it’s The Retreat. With a sundeck and semi-private cabanas for shade, the resort-inspired pool offers residents and guests the chance to escape busy life without even leaving their apartment building. 


The only thing better than lounging on a chair by the pool is getting to bring your furry friend along. At some apartment buildings, that’s a reality!  While not all apartment pools will allow pets on the pool deck, having a pool so close to home relieves the stress of leaving a pet home alone too long. Instead, you can enjoy your time by the pool and still be only a few minutes away from your apartment and your furry friend if need be. 

444 Social is extremely pet friendly, all year-round. While furry friends can’t take a dip in the pool all season long, they do get their time to shine at the end of the season. At the annual Doggy Dip, all of 444 Social’s dogs in residence get the chance to take a dip in the resort-style pool to celebrate the end of a great summer. 

Another great fitness center

A pool is not only a relaxing escape from day-to-day worries. It also acts as an added fitness center. If your apartment has a pool, that’s another destination available for you to build on your fitness journey and get your heart rate up in a new setting. Swimming offers a low-impact cardiovascular workout, well suited to any and every person looking to burn some calories.

444 Social also offers a functional fitness, cardio and yoga studio to give residents a plethora of ways to workout. In the fitness studio you’ll find Peloton bikes along with other state-of-the-art equipment to maximize your workout.   

A built-in escape

Laying by the pool on a lounge chair, soaking up the sun on a warm summer day –– that sounds more like a daydream than a reality. But at apartment buildings that have pools, that can be your lunch break, your happy hour or even your daily life. There’s none of the added effort of planning, packing and coordinating for a beach day. You have the pool right in your backyard. 

The pool at 444 Social offers all of these benefits (and more) to make your life even easier. Interested in learning more about our apartment community in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.


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