5 Luxury Apartment Amenities You’ll Love

Searching for a new apartment can be an exciting experience because you get to research different apartment communities, as well as discover a variety of amenities that make living in a new place even more thrilling. Each apartment community has different amenities that can fill the needs of its residents. Choosing the right comforts for your needs will help your new apartment feel like home. 

Here’s a list of luxury amenities to help you decide which ones are essential for your new apartment.

Pet-friendly spaces

Pet owners may want to choose an apartment with pet-friendly amenities. Some apartment complexes have designated spaces for pets, with fenced-in play areas for them to play. Your pups will be able to burn off excess energy and be able to make new friends with other dogs. 

444 Social, located in Lincolnshire, has multiple  “Woof Tops,” an area where pets are free to roam and explore. Along with the “Woof Top,” 444 Social also has a built-in half-mile trail where residents can take their dogs for walks as well as many local forest preserves so that your pet plenty of exercise. 

Resort-style pool

When it’s hot in the summertime, it’s always nice to have access to a pool to cool off. Many apartments have pools, usually with sundecks and cabanas for shade, for those who prefer to sunbathe or relax next to the pool. 

444 Social has an outstanding, resort-inspired pool with lounge chairs and semi-private cabanas to give those who visit the pool a refreshing and relaxing experience.  

Fitness studios

Often, luxury apartments have indoor fitness studios for residents to use. Having a gym can be extremely beneficial for residents, both physically and financially. Residents can cancel their monthly gym memberships because apartment gyms are free for all residents. During the winter months, residents can continue to workout without having to venture outdoors and battle the cold.

444 Social has a functional fitness, cardio, and yoga studio. The fitness studios have state-of-the-art equipment including free weights, medicine balls, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, benches, and other weight lifting machines. The separate yoga studio can be used for yoga, stretching or dancing, and sometimes, upon request or by signing up for personal trainers, they offer fitness trainers and classes. These types of luxurious details make 444 Social’s fitness studios top notch. 

Indoor communal areas

Indoor spaces provide other places for residents to spend their time outside their apartments. Indoor communal spaces are ideal for those who work from home because they can give residents places to work, such as conference rooms or private offices, that are quiet with little distraction. Additionally, apartment communities usually offer free Wifi in their common spaces for those who need to use the Internet. 

444 Social has an abundance of indoor communal spaces for its residents to enjoy like their Lounge, Library, Stadium, and private conference rooms and offices. They also have a virtual reality indoor golf simulator for those who want to practice their golf swing. Although management is currently advising residents to wear masks and stay 6-feet away from others, these spaces remain open for residents.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor communal spaces offer additional places for you and your household to hang out when the weather is nice outside. Communal grills offer places to barbecue during the summer, and fire pits present areas to roast s’ mores over an open flame. For outdoor enthusiasts, many apartment complexes have trails for running, walking, or bicycle riding. 

444 Social has outdoor communal areas for residents like the Loop, a half-mile trail, outdoor shuffleboard court, small grilling areas, as well as large grilling areas with a community table to host friends and family, and firepit. Residents can even spend time on the community dock, and if they are feeling adventurous, check out the shared kayaks.

Considering amenities

This list of apartment amenities can help you decide which conveniences are essential for you in your new apartment. After you consider this list, you can select an apartment that fits your lifestyle. Remember, some apartments may offer all of these amenities, instead of just a few.

444 Social offers all of these amenities (and more) to make your life even easier. Interested in learning more about our apartment community in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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