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Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Apartments

As spring approaches, apartment owners are opening their windows and doors and inviting more visitors into their homes. Light fills the rooms, and generally dispositions tend to rise. There is no better time than the beginning of warmer weather to clean your home and reset for the rest of the year. 

While it’s important to care for your apartment and clean it often throughout the year, spring cleaning is a time of deep cleaning and getting around to those home maintenance tasks that slip through the cracks or get pushed off. This is a tradition that has carried on for years, and we have put together our top spring cleaning tips for those who live in apartments.


Deep clean carpets

Throughout the year, people clean their carpets and rugs with vacuums each time there is a spill or just on the weekends to maintain a clean home. However, it’s important to occasionally do a deeper clean and use soap and water on carpets or rugs. 

Investing in a shampooing machine of your own, hiring a professional to clean your carpets, or giving your rugs a soak in your bathtub are all great ways to strip the fabric of any lingering dirt. Cleaning your carpets is also an unexpected way to help your home smell better, especially if you use a favorite scent in your soap. 


Dust in hard to reach areas

Dusting is easy to remember on eye-level or high-traffic surfaces, but there are areas that many people tend to forget to dust. Consider dusting your baseboards, ceiling, or the top of fans, for example. These areas are out of sight, but they are great spots for dust to collect. It’s important to clean these areas even if you can’t see the dust because it can improve your health and reduce allergies. 

An easy way to clean off these hard to reach surfaces is by attaching your duster or a damp cloth to a long broom handle. You might be surprised by how much dust you collect on one swipe, making you feel satisfied with a cleaner home.


Wipe cabinet drawers

Another area of an apartment that unsuspectingly catches crumbs and debris is inside your cabinet cupboards and drawers. Deep cleaning your kitchen can help you prevent odors and messes, as well as keep your kitchen healthier. With all of the cooking and food prep that you’re doing in your kitchen, crumbs tend to find their way into the little nooks and crannies of your cabinets. Taking out the contents of the drawers and wiping them out (especially the corners) will leave your utensils and pans with a more fresh home. 

Another kitchen area you should consider is behind the oven and refrigerator, where food somehow manages to end up. These appliances are usually easier to move than you would expect, and scooting them out a few inches should be more than enough to fit a mop behind them to sweep out any old food debris for a fresher kitchen overall. 


Swap out your closet

As the sun comes out, it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite sweaters and hello to your trusty tee shirts. Rotating your closet out with seasonally appropriate clothes will make your daily life easier, as you don’t have to dig through overly warm clothing every day.

Some people prefer to completely box up their winter wardrobe and put it in storage, while others might just move them to the back of the closet to make room for the new clothes. This is a small organization tip that will make your daily life just a little bit easier. 


Polish wooden furniture

Wooden furniture has been growing in popularity in the interior design world, and for good reason. The quality pieces add warmth and comfort to any home. However, wooden furniture requires a little extra care. 

It’s important to polish your wooden decor every so often to help reduce dust build up, keep your furniture looking clean and smooth, and help it last longer. Purchasing a small bottle of polish and using a lint-free cloth to wipe down your furniture takes only minutes, but has a big impact on your home.


Enjoy a like-new apartment

Spring cleaning can leave your apartment feeling as fresh as the day you moved in. By following our spring cleaning tips, you’ll be surprised at the effect you will feel in your apartment. Whether you live alone or in a large family, an occasional deep cleaning can be satisfying and good for your health, and it can even be a fun activity if you turn on music and enjoy the warm sunshine through the windows. 

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