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6 Ways to Design Your Apartment to Meet Your Needs

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The most important aspect of making your luxury apartment feel like home is designing it to work with your lifestyle. Whether you're a minimalist, a collector, or an explorer, your home should reflect your personality. Interior design is a big part of that process, but making your space functional is even more important. Here are 6 ways to design your apartment to meet your needs. 

Utilize shelving 

Shelves are essential to an organized home. They provide a great way to display your sentimental items or the objects that make you feel at home. Even if you prefer a clean and simplistic home, you likely have a few books or other trinkets that need a home. Shelves are a great place to store your valued decor.

Shelves are also great for maximizing your space's potential. They can offer more storage options, whether it be on display or tucked away. No matter if you prefer floating shelves or a bookshelf, there are many different styles of shelving to choose the right options that will work best for your needs. 

Add rugs 

Besides adding texture and a soft surface to any room, rugs can help separate spaces and add personality to a room. When selecting a rug, you should consider the material, feeling, color, pattern, and size. They are also great if you live in a studio apartment and want to have a sense of separation within each space.

It’s also a good idea to consider how the material and the rug’s placement will affect your cleaning habits, such as needing to vacuum a rug that is in a high traffic area more often than a rug under a coffee table. These are all important factors to finding a rug that will tie your room together and meet your needs the best. 

Consider the lighting

In any space, it’s essential to consider what kind of lighting you want the room to have. For example, a bedroom should have the capability to get very dark at night, whereas a living room should feel bright and airy both day and night. The best way to control the lighting and the feel of a room is to place lamps throughout the area to create the ambiance that you desire. When selecting lamps, pay attention to the temperature of the light and whether the light gives off a cooler blue shade or a warmer golden tone. 

Where you place the lamps can also be important. A lamp at eye level will seem brighter, whereas a light up high will disperse the light more evenly. They can also create shadows, so many people experiment with the placement before making a final decision. The lighting of your home has a big impact on your mood, so making this small adjustment can have a major effect on your life.

Create a welcoming and functional entryway

An entryway is the first thing that not only your visitors will see, but that you come home to. It’s important to make this space both welcoming and functional. Using decor in the colors that make you feel most comfortable is an easy way to create a friendly atmosphere right away. 

Many people also provide a place for shoes to go and a storage option for coats, such as a hook. Other considerations might include a key hook or a spot for your umbrella or hats. Making this space your own will help you feel relieved each time you enter the door.

Figure out a closet organization system

Did you know that over 30% of people spend a week getting ready each year? That’s a lot of time in your closet. When you think about it like that, a closet that is organized becomes much more important. Using not only hangers and drawers, but also bins, hooks, and other storage options can help you avoid clutter and wasted time sorting through clothing you won’t be wearing.

The key to a good closet organization system is placing your clothes in categories, and then storing them accordingly. For example, do your workout clothes really need to be hung up? They can probably be folded and put in a bin, somewhere you can access them everyday. How often do you wear formal clothing? If it’s infrequent, then you can opt for a more tucked-away location for those pieces. Designing a system that works for you is going to make your mornings much easier and pleasant. 

Bring in some plants

Especially in the colder months, people tend to feel claustrophobic and cooped up in their homes all winter long. Bringing some greenery into your home can help you feel more grounded. Many plants also help clean the air, which can help create a fresh feeling inside. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider succulents or faux potted plants. No matter what your gardening skills, plants can help bring life into your home, and improve your overall environment.

Creating a great environment in your apartment

Moving into a new home can be intimidating for many people. The idea of designing a space that will both look great and meet your needs might seem complicated at first, but following these guidelines will get you off to a great start. Living in a modern and new apartment community is also a good way to have several of your needs taken care of, such as by utilizing the luxury amenities. 

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