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4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it could be time for a big spring clean of your apartment. Winter feels long, and as people in the midwest remain cooped up in their apartments during the cold months of the year, over time things can get a little messy and disorganized. As the winter ends, it's time to make a change. Starting off spring with a spotless apartment will feel great, so we’ve created a list of 4 tips to help you easily spring clean your apartment.  

Buy the right supplies 

Before you get started, get an inventory of all the supplies you’ll need. Unless you’re starting off well stocked, a trip to the store will be necessary—create a list to avoid multiple trips. Make sure you have an abundance of disinfectant wipes, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and rags. Spring cleaning also means decluttering, so having a supply of garbage bags is also important when you clean out the fridge, closets, and get rid of any junk.

Go room by room

Tackling spring cleaning all at once can be overwhelming. It can be a full day project, so it’s best to go room by room. Start with whatever you feel like—maybe you want to tackle the biggest project early in the day, or maybe you’d prefer to start small. Either way, breaking tasks up based on rooms will make your spring clean feel more manageable. Between cleaning rooms, take a break. There’s no rush or time limit! You can also make it more enjoyable by putting on your favorite podcast, TV show, or music in the background as you tackle each room. 

Be thorough  

A spring clean isn’t a typical Sunday night clean up. Make sure to be thorough and do it right. This means completing all of the tasks that you’d normally put off. Clean off all dust that has built up on unused counters, shelves, and other furniture. Go through your books, clothes, and cabinets. 444 Social’s spacious closets leave you lots of room for unnecessary clutter, so get rid of everything you don’t need and don’t use. Being thorough also means tackling cleaning out the fridge. Clear out everything that’s expired, reorganize it if needed, and wipe down those shelves!

Scrub everywhere

With lots of disinfectant wipes, scrub brushes, rags, and cleaners, be sure to scrub every inch of your unit to ensure you start the spring with a pristine apartment. 444 Social’s quartz countertops in the kitchen will be easy to clean, but don’t forget about cabinet doors, which can get dusty and dirty if left unattended. Scrubbing the bathroom is also vital. Any residue on the shower, tub, countertop, floor, and toilet should be wiped away. Mopping will likely be necessary in this process. Make sure you also cover top to bottom of 444 Social’s floor-to-ceiling windows. The pristine view from your apartment shouldn’t be covered by grunge and dust! 

A fresh and clean apartment

If you follow these tips, you’ll start the spring with an organized, clean apartment. With various luxury apartment features, living at 444 Social will make your spring a great one. Soak up the sun and grill outdoors, enjoy the coffee bar, and go for a swim at the pool to reward yourself for cleaning! 

444 Social is a luxury apartment community with high-end amenities for residents. Interested in learning more about our apartment community in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information. 


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