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6 Outdoor Spaces to Look for in a Luxury Apartment

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When the warm weather starts to peek through the clouds, everyone wants to get outside and enjoy it. There is no better way to feel the sun on your skin and relish in a warm breeze than while using luxury amenities. Apartments with these offerings provide residents with an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air with loved ones, pets, or even by themselves for an introspective moment. When you’re in the market for a new apartment community to call home, be sure to be on the lookout for these 6 outdoor spaces so that you can make the most of your location.


Walking Trails

Walking or running on well-maintained trails is one of the best ways to explore the environment and enjoy the birds chirping in the warm sun. An apartment that is near local walking paths provides a perfect opportunity to get morning or evening exercise outside, talk with a friend, or see your neighborhood, all without the loud droning of traffic and dangerous road crossings. By utilizing these trails, residents can stretch their legs in a safe environment, all within a short jaunt from their front door.



There’s no more iconic summer activity than a grill or barbecue with friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or Labor Day, or just having a weekend get-together, grills provide both the food and the entertainment for your evening. With a vast variety of cuisine options available to be cooked, you can enjoy anything from burgers to grilled pineapple or anything in between. Apartments that provide these areas are perfect for hosting all of the important people in your life to enjoy time together, socializing over homemade dishes.



Summer nights are made for bonfires. These gatherings make for great conversation late into the evening and allow for delicious s'mores to be made. A great activity for all ages, apartments that provide a safe place to watch the fire dance are made to gather people together. 


Poolside Patio

It’s no secret that summertime means many people are ready to get tan. It also means that in order to enjoy the sun's rays and stay cool, many people take to the water. A resort-style pool checks all of the boxes, providing a clean and large area to swim or dip your toes in. 

These pools also usually feature a patio with pergolas and reclining chairs waiting for you to enjoy. Here you can either bake in the sun or enjoy the views from within a shaded area. Apartments that provide ample opportunities for you to pull out your swimsuit are perfect for creating a summer environment that will establish lasting memories and keep you cool.



Looking for a more private space to enjoy the great outdoors? A balcony attached directly to your unit makes for a quick and personal escape in the lovely temperatures. Whether you just want to take a quick break in the clean air or want to sit and read a good book, a balcony gives you the flexibility to enjoy nature without ever leaving your home and without having to worry about yard maintenance.


Dog Park

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy getting outside. Residents who have dogs are always looking for good places to bring their pooch to burn off some energy and interact with other playmates. Some pet-friendly apartments might offer an on-site dog park, perfect for giving your furry friend all of the stimulation they need on the clear days of summer.


Enjoy the open air

Outdoorsmen and homebodies alike should take their outdoor amenities into consideration when choosing a dream home. Luxury apartments strive to provide an elevated experience both inside the building and out. Loving where you live means more than just your immediate living quarters, it means the surrounding environment as well. At 444 Social, our residents enjoy these amenities and more, just waiting to be enjoyed. 


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