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4 Tips to Hosting a Perfect End-of-Summer Barbecue at Your Apartment

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Living in an apartment community doesn’t mean that you can’t host friends and family days. If anything, apartment living makes it even easier to be social and spend time with friends and family. One of the most popular get-together ideas for the summer is a barbecue, full of great food and good conversation. To help you plan your perfect end-of-summer barbecue this year, we’ve gathered 4 tips that will help you create lasting memories in your apartment.


Take advantage of community areas

Apartment buildings are great for hosting because of the plethora of community spaces that they provide. Luxury apartments have great amenities to go with their spaces, from a pool to grills. Some apartments might even have a firepit, perfect for when the daylight wanes and you want to keep the party going. 

Another great perk to using community spaces is that the areas will already be clean and taken care of, giving you one less thing to worry about when getting ready for your get together. From a perfectly manicured yard to clean and comfortable seating, your barbecue guests will be impressed with your venue. Find out when your apartment's shared spaces are available to reserve, and you’ll have plenty of space to hold as many guests as you desire.


Provide plenty of seating options

Regardless of where you’re hosting your end-of-summer celebration, you should make sure that your guests have ample seating. From a place to eat their meal to a place to hang out with the other attendees, you should consider using benches or couches to make them comfortable. Apartments often provide options, whether it be outdoor chairs or loungers. If your apartment has a pool, you might even be able to use the cabanas or sun lounge chairs. 


Ask guests to bring a dish to share

One of the greatest perks to hosting a barbeque as opposed to another dinner party is that you can easily make it potluck style. Ask your guests to bring their own sides to add to the dinner spread, from pasta salads to fruits and vegetables to desserts. This not only takes some of the stress off of you when planning and purchasing food, but it also ensures that everyone will have lots of options to choose from when plating their food. 

As the host, you should provide the meat and the drinks. Consider if you want to grill steaks, hamburgers, chicken, or a mix of options for your guests to enjoy. If you’re inviting kids, be sure to keep them in mind when selecting drinks by including juices, water, or soda so that they can refresh themselves as well as drinks for the adults.


Set up lawn games

More than just food, a successful barbeque also entertains guests, traditionally with lawn games. A luxury apartment community usually offers lots of green space and a big yard for your use, perfect to set up as many games as your heart desires. Some classics are cornhole, ladder ball, or frisbee. At 444 Social, there is even a shuffleboard court that you can challenge your friends and family to play on. No matter what entertainment you decide to include at your party, it’s sure to pay homage to the nice weather and the end of warm summer days.


Eat and enjoy, reminiscing on summer adventures

As summer comes to a close, there’s no better way to soak up the last rays of the season than with a barbecue. Apartments make the perfect place to host a delightful outdoor party, both for the whole family or for an adults-only get together. 444 Social has community grills already ready for residents to use, along with plenty of outdoor spaces to reserve, complete with a pool, shuffleboard court, firepit, and plenty of lounging areas with comfortable couches. 


To make the end of summer one to remember and move into a luxury apartment of your dreams, click here.

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