4 Reasons Why Apartments Are Great for Families


Families of all sizes and types enjoy living in apartment communities for a variety of reasons. Many families choose to live in an apartment so that they can have access to the benefits, such as luxury amenities, added safety and security, as well as increased opportunities to socialize. There are many perks to choosing to live in an apartment community that your family can take advantage of. 

In apartment communities, families come from a variety of backgrounds and are different ages and types—all contributing to a fun and social community. Whether you are a family of one with a pet, two, or five, luxury apartment living might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are 5 reasons why apartment living would be a great option for your family.

Promote community

Apartment communities offer a community of people to socialize and be friends with. Living close to other families presents the opportunity for both you and your kids to easily make new friends. This makes planning game nights, play dates, barbecues, and other social activities with families much easier. Living in an apartment community provides an effortless way to make new friends and spend time together.

At 444 Social, there are communal spaces where people can hang out with friends and get to know one another. 444 Social also hosts events for residents to socialize and enjoy each others’ company, such as seasonal gatherings for holidays.

Luxury amenities

Luxury apartment communities provide a plethora of amenities to encourage fun family time. From swimming in a pool, to taking a walk, to barbecuing and lawn games, enjoying the sun with loved ones is made easy in an apartment’s communal areas.

444 Social’s residents have access to luxury amenities like communal outdoor and indoor spaces for families to use. There is even a golf simulator that families can use together. The Woof Top also provides a great place for the family pet to get in some exercise. Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of activities to try together as a family at 444 Social. 

Less chores and maintenance

No matter the age of a family, often parents' lives tend to be very busy. From shuttling their kids to various activities, to preparing meals, to keeping the bedrooms clean, there’s no doubt that any amount of maintenance that can save time and energy is worth it. Apartment communities maintain appliances and amenities, as well as fix anything else that comes up, providing residents with an easy and simple way to get things repaired quickly.

By calling maintenance for any issues you might have, you are able to get the issue resolved by a professional, without the headache of finding a service you trust. You are able to relax knowing that they are doing everything they can to allow you to return to your normal life as soon as possible. Communal areas like pools and landscaping are also maintained by the apartment staff, which leaves you with more time and less chores. That means that you can spend more quality time with your family, instead of doing chores like mowing the lawn or weeding the garden.

Great neighborhoods

Apartment communities are also ideal for families because they can be located in amazing neighborhoods. They can be located next to parks, schools, offices, and even entertainment and dining options. All of these things are perfect for families, shortening commute times as well as providing things for families to do together. 

444 Social is conveniently close to many parks, nature preserves, schools, and shopping centers. It is located close to Illinois’ Top Ranked Adlai Stevenson High School, perfect for families with teenagers. 444 Social is near the 94/294 expressway, so that you can easily hit the road. With Chicago a mere 30 miles away, this luxury apartment community makes a great home for frequent trips to the city, whether for work or to explore.

The benefits of a family-friendly apartment

Families of all sizes and ages are enjoying the move to an apartment community. Apartment communities can be located near parks, nature preserves, theaters, shopping centers, and other necessities a growing family may need. Some apartments are even pet-friendly, ensuring that all the members of your family are welcome. Living in an apartment can save you time, money, and stress through the various luxury amenities offered, as well as a safe and fun environment.

444 Social is a great apartment community for families. Interested in learning more about our apartment complex in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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