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Apartment Amenities You Can’t Live Without This Summer

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When apartment hunting, it’s important to take a tour of the facilities beforehand and make sure that the community will meet your needs. This should of course include the unit, but also the amenities that you would be able to enjoy as a resident. Considering the amenities that you want included as part of your new home should mean looking at them from each season's perspective. The amenities that you need in the winter will vary from the ones you need in the summer. We’ve put together a list of apartment amenities that you can’t live without this summer so that you’ll know what to be on the lookout for during your apartment hunt.


Resort-inspired pool

It’s no secret that the summer sun can beat down and be extremely hot at times. In order to enjoy the weather, a pool is essential to keeping you cool. An apartment should provide a clean, large pool that will allow you to enjoy the water whenever you desire a dip. Even if you aren’t a water lover, sitting poolside in a cabana and lounging in the sun is a great way to pass the time and soak up some rays. Many people find this the best spot to read a book or get some work done, all while working on your tan. When apartment hunting, make sure to always ask to see the pool and ensure that it will be sufficient to meet all of your summer needs. 


State-of-the-art gym

While many people prefer working out outside during the summer, it’s important to have a gym readily available as well. During rainy, particularly humid days, it can be difficult to get out the door for a run or to swim laps in a pool. A gym is the best option during the dog days of summer as well, when no matter how early you wake up, the heat outside is inescapable. Gyms with working air conditioning can be a lifesaver for anyone looking to get fit this summer season.

Luxury apartments take it a step further and provide state-of-the-art equipment that will take your workouts to the next level. Staying cool during your exercise will help make the rest of your day more productive and enjoyable, as you will feel better and be more hydrated, making for a more fulfilling summer break.


Community spaces to reserve

Summer is a great time to get together with loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, putting together a reunion, or just hosting a barbeque, it’s important that your apartment community has a space for your event. The best apartments offer both indoor and outdoor areas that residents can reserve for their own private parties. They should be capable of holding all of your guests, making them comfortable, and even providing spaces for your snacks. A large community kitchen, a barbeque area, a theater, or a comfortable lounge are all options for a successful get-together at an apartment building this summer.


Private balconies

While most apartments offer some sort of green space for residents, sometimes the options can be underwhelming. It’s important to have space for your family to sit and enjoy the weather together. Luxury apartments may offer private balconies for residents, allowing them to create a private oasis. Residents can simply open their back door and be greeted with a comfortable outdoor set up with a great view, allowing them to make the most of the summer sun any time they wish. 


Create the summer you deserve

You deserve to have a summer full of comfort and excitement. In order to make sure that you are able to live your summer to the fullest and check off your summer bucket list items, you should ensure that your future home includes the best amenities. 444 Social is a luxury apartment complex just north of Chicago, and features amenities that our residents rave about. We work to make every season enjoyable and limitless for our residents with our modern touches. 

Interested in living at 444 Social? Contact us here to schedule a tour of our community.

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