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4 Great Amenities for When it's Hot Outside

As the weather changes, so do your amenity needs. When it heats up in the summertime, you’ll want ways to enjoy the sun and warmth without overheating. You should also remember to wear sunscreen and to drink plenty of water while enjoying outdoor areas. The sun might feel good on your skin, but it’s critical to also take care of yourself during these hot months.

Apartment amenities are an excellent tool to help residents get the most out of their summer. Residents can take advantage of apartment amenities that give them ways to cool down. Here is a list of essential amenities that can help apartment residents enjoy the summer weather, without getting a sunburn.

Shaded outdoor areas

Sometimes the heat of the day makes you want to relax. A shaded outdoor area is critical when being outdoors for an extended period of time in the summer. Preferably, apartment communities should provide shady spots that are a great place to sit and snack.

444 Social has the Lookout, a rooftop deck that features outdoor gathering spaces and dining areas. This is a good area for a summer picnic where you can chat with friends without burning in the sun. Remember to bring water or another cool drink with you to help you keep cool.

Water features

Everyone’s favorite way to escape the heat is with a dip in a cool body of water. An apartment that offers a pool is a great way to enjoy the water. It’s sure to be clean and full, always ready for you to visit. A resort-style pool such as the one at 444 Social is ideal for tanning with quick swimming breaks to relieve you from baking in the sun. There are also semi-private cabanas so that residents can relax in the shade.

Another way to enjoy the water is on a picturesque private pond. 444 Social offers a private community dock with kayaks for residents to use. Residents can enjoy paddling around on the pond on a warm summer day.

Fitness center

Working out in the heat of the summer can be difficult. A fitness center is a great place to workout without the extra sweat from the sun dehydrating you. Plus, there is air conditioning and usually high quality equipment on hand.

At 444 Social’s fitness studios, residents can enjoy the state of the art equipment, including stationary bikes. There is also space for yoga and cardio, including clean, fresh towels for when you’ve completed your hard work.

Indoor communal areas

Sometimes, the summer heat is too much to bear and the luxury of air conditioning sounds too good to pass up. If an apartment resident still wants to be social and enjoy the company of their neighbors or guests, indoor communal areas can be a lifesaver.

444 Social provides residents with the Den, a stunning two-story communal space with towering floor to ceiling glass walls. Residents can enjoy a gorgeous view of the outdoors without feeling the heat waves. 

Prepare for the balmy days ahead

As summer continues to heat up, don’t let the sun melt your desire to enjoy the season. You can find ways to safely enjoy the weather and make the most of the summer season, especially if you are a resident of a luxury apartment community.

Interested in experiencing these amenities at 444 Social? Contact us here for more information.

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