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6 Best Reasons to Choose Corporate Housing During a Transition

Everyone experiences times in their lives with monumental changes, such as starting a new job, building a home, or moving to a different area. These are all exciting milestones in life that should be celebrated as fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s a chance to make new friends and become an integral part in a community. 

To set yourself up for a successful life transition, you may want to consider temporary housing until you can find permanent housing. Corporate housing can be a great way to start big life changes. It can provide you with amenities and lifestyle needed during a life-changing transition. 

Here are six reasons to choose corporate housing during a transition. 


Since corporate housing is designed for short-term stays, it provides a flexible option if you need temporary housing while you are experiencing a transition. Corporate apartments can offer lease terms as short as 1 month, which helps residents maintain a flexible lifestyle with both comfortable and stylish housing. 

Corporate apartments also help promote a flexible lifestyle by being fully furnished, so that you don’t have to worry about furnishing an entire apartment before you move. Moving into a fully furnished apartment will also cut your time spent on moving in and out of your apartment. 

Residential Area

Corporate housing can be located in a residential setting. A residential setting will provide you with a community and social experience. You’ll find friendly neighbors and a strong community with opportunities to be involved. 

For example, at our community in Lincolnshire, residents have access to communal fire pits and grills, a resort-inspired swimming pool, and a coffee bar with a community coworking lounge. Additionally, we are pet-friendly, and offer ways for residents to connect with fellow dog owners. Residents of corporate apartments can make new friends easily and become truly ingrained in the local community by taking advantage of communal spots and community resources.

Scope Out Area

When you first move into a new neighborhood, you usually want to become familiar with the area. You’ll want to find out which restaurants you like, explore local parks, and figure out where the nearest stores are located.

Since 444 Social is located near dozens of top flight dining options as well as great shopping, you’ll be able to get to know the neighborhood quickly. It’s also located less than two miles from top ranked Adlai Stevenson High School.

Pet friendly

If you plan on bringing your furry friend with you on your move, then a corporate apartment is a great option for you. If you are a pet owner, then amenities like built-in dog walking paths and dog parks are essential for your pet’s happiness. 

Some apartment communities, like 444 Social, have incorporated pet play areas into their building design. We even offer a “Woof Top” above our parking deck, so pets have a place to roam around. 


Corporate housing usually comes with lavish amenities. This can range from fitness studios to pools. Many corporate apartments also offer a lounge space where you can kick back and relax with friends.

Some corporate apartments have unique amenities, such as 444 Social’s dock with kayaks and golf simulator. Some even have services for pet owners like dog-walking and pet-sitting. 

Move-in Ready

Corporate apartments usually come fully furnished and ready to use. Fully furnished apartments are a nice convenience, especially if you’ve just moved and you don’t have any furniture. Often corporate apartments come with new appliances and have options for additional appliances like Kitchen-Aides. Coming home to a fully furnished apartment will brighten your day after a long day at work and will help you adjust to a new location. 

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