Renter-Friendly Decor Ideas For Any Apartment

Just because you’re renting an apartment doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your personal style in your home. Even though renters’ decorations need to be temporary and non-damaging, there are creative ways to utilize your space to make it fit your needs while being landlord approved. Luckily, there are so many ways that you can make your apartment feel like home. Here are our favorite renter-friendly decor ideas for any apartment.

Peel and stick

Whether you’re wanting some color on your walls or looking to freshen up the space, there are so many peel and stick options available to help cover up the existing area. On walls, look for removable wallpaper or use washi tape to add a splash of color and design. You can also use wall decals in various shapes and sizes to further customize the walls. Recently, peel and stick board and batten has made a comeback as a trend that can elevate any room.

Beyond using peel and stick products on walls, there are also contact paper options for anything else you want to wrap. A popular option is kitchen cabinets. Some renters even use vinyl floor stickers to update tile floors with their personal tastes. Just make sure you test the stickers you use anywhere in the apartments before applying to any surfaces in order to ensure that they don’t cause damage when removed.

Utilize tension rods

Tension rods can be extremely helpful tools in various situations in your home. Use them in closets to create another clothing rack and double your space. Install them above a bathtub and create an opportunity for a stylish shower curtain. You can also use them for window finishes to hang tapestries and curtains. This is a great way to soften any space without screwing heavy duty rods into the walls.

Swap finishes and hardware

Small details can have a big impact. In your apartment, you might want to swap traditional light fixtures for your own lighting choices. Some people install statement pieces such as small chandeliers or pendant lights. You can also install your own light switch or outlet covers, changing the color or shape. These are usually just held onto the wall with a single screw, making it a quick diy project.

One more finish you can usually change is the faucets in bathrooms or kitchens. These are easy changes to make that can elevate a plain apartment or add your personal touch to every element of the home, just make sure that you keep the original fixtures and change them back before you leave.

Bring in statement pieces

If you’re looking to make a big impact without crowding your space without a lot of knick knacks, statement pieces are a great option. Invest in large plants to bring some life and greenery into your home. If you’re not a green thumb, fake plants will do the trick as well. Another great statement piece that will make your space feel larger is using mirrors. This is also a functional decor piece that can be utilized in bedrooms, entryways, bathrooms, and as an art interest piece on any other wall.

Make your rental home your own

You can feel like you own your rental home when you take the time to create your perfect space. Whether you prefer minimalism, art deco, shabby chic, or Scandinavian, there are a lot of small ways that you can customize your apartment. 444 Social’s apartments include top of the line, luxury amenities. If you want a move-in ready or even a fully furnished home that’s decorated with a modern style, come on a tour today to see what could be yours.

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