4 Tips for Moving into a New Home with Kids

Moving into a new home can be exciting and it can also be stressful. It means an opportunity to start a new stage in your life in a great new place, but it also requires moving your furniture and your family and your life.

You know exactly why you are moving, and although it may be difficult, you are probably looking forward to it. However, the process of moving may be less clear to your kids. They may have grown up in your old home, or could be confused about starting school with a new class.

It is important to make sure that this move is a positive experience for your whole family. 

Therefore, the best strategy is to make sure that your new home is comfortable for everyone. Here are 4 tips for moving into a new home with kids.

Deciding When to Move

Part of moving strategically is picking the best time for your family to move. With kids, a vital factor for timing your move is the school year. For a child starting at a new school, it is important to start the year with their new classmates, rather than switching schools mid-year. 

To optimize your timing, it would be helpful to consider when the schools that your kids will be attending begin their school year. For example, at 444 Social, nearby Adlai E. Stevenson High School starts classes on August 12th this year, and Tripp Elementary School begins on August 20th. If your kid likes to play sports, you could also consider arriving in time for them to participate in their sport’s pre-season training with a school team so they can get to know their teammates and coaches.

It might be a good idea to leave some time to unpack and get comfortable in your new apartment so that everyone is settled in by the time the school year starts. It could also be helpful to spend part of the summer living in your new home so that your kids have an opportunity to get to know their new peers before the school year begins. If they are open to the idea, you could even sign them up for a summer camp or other group activity in your neighborhood to help them find new friends.

Being a Part of the Process

To give your kids more ownership over the move, consider giving them some responsibilities and choices in the moving process. For instance, if your apartment has multiple bedrooms, you could let them choose their favorite room to make their own. As you move out of your old home, you could also help them to take the lead on sorting and packing their own room. This way, they will know where all of their things are and can more easily find familiar objects when the un-packing process begins.

Once their rooms are chosen and their belongings are packed, you can also let them design their new room. If you are purchasing new furniture, offer them the choice of a new bed, chair, or poster to personalize the space. They could pick their favorite paint color for the walls, find a comfortable carpet to decorate the floor, or choose some colorful lamps to brighten up the room. 

Exploring the Area

To start the process of making your new apartment feel like a community, you can explore the building and the surrounding areas to find new activities and friends. See whether your new apartment building has a swimming pool to explore, where your kids can enjoy the water and meet new friends while you get to know fellow parents in the complex. You can also meet other parents through community fitness programs.

To help your children get excited for the move, you could encourage them to plan fun outings to nearby locations, like a children’s museum, community festival or amusement park. These activities will help you and your kids to get to know the area, and will provide all of you with a fun-filled day to look forward to.

Adopting a New Furry Friend

If your new space is dog-friendly, consider adopting a dog to join your family. A dog could make your kids more excited to be in your new apartment, encourage them to explore the area on walks, and teach them about responsibility. A pet could also provide a structured way to get to know other pet-owners and families, growing the community of friends around your new home.

Settling in

Once you have moved into your new apartment, it is just a matter of time before you and your family become totally at home. 444 Social provides many great amenities to help your kids feel excited about the move and encourage you to get to know your neighbors, all in a great neighborhood and school district. 

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