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3 Reasons to Rent a Fully Furnished Apartment

When searching for an apartment, there are many different factors to consider to find the right unit for you. One option that people tend to overlook is the opportunity to rent a fully furnished apartment in a luxury community. This usually includes furniture in each of the rooms, such as beds, dressers, tables, and couches, as well as access to hotel-inspired amenities, designer finishes, and convenient locations. If you’re considering whether this is the right fit for you, read on to learn about three of the biggest perks that come with renting a luxurious fully furnished apartment


Easy moving day

When all of your furniture is provided for you, it makes moving in a breeze. Not only will you save time packing up your old furniture, you can also bypass the physical exertion that moving heavy furniture brings. Rather than renting a large moving truck, you might be able to fit your personal belongings in a smaller vehicle, making driving and transportation easier on moving day. 

Moving in can be a one person job, allowing you to avoid having to recruit help bringing heavy items up stairs and through hallways. Moving is one of the most stressful events that people undergo. If you’re looking for simplicity and wanting to save time, energy, and stress, a fully furnished apartment is a great option for your moving needs.


Great for short term leases

Sometimes, a short term lease is needed. Whether you’re a corporate business traveler or looking for an upgrade from a long term stay in a hotel room, furnished apartments are the perfect option. With short term leases, you can enjoy the perks of a luxury home without the commitment or hassle of moving. You can still have access to amenities, from resort style pools to theaters to rooftop dog parks. Save yourself stress and rent a fully furnished apartment for your short term housing needs.


Fully stylized apartment

Have you ever wanted to hire an interior designer to put together a curated look for your home that you know will impress guests? With a fully furnished apartment, you can have the style of an interior designer without the price tag or the process of hiring one. Luxury apartment communities ensure that each of our units are designed to look great. This option saves you time and energy beyond moving day, as you can be sure that your furniture utilizes the space and will provide you with all you need.

Still wanting to satisfy that designing itch and make your apartment your own? The great thing about fully furnished units is that you can still personalize it with your own items and touches. From hanging pictures to choosing accent and decor pieces, your home can still be as unique as you are while being styled with a professional eye. 


Enjoy the ease of a fully furnished apartment

Minimalists and maximalists alike love the ease and simplicity that fully furnished apartments provide. Luxury apartment communities keep you in mind when designing a unit to meet your needs. At 444 Social, our 3-month leases on fully furnished apartments are a popular option for people who need a stress free move with a luxury lifestyle. From private balconies and state of the art amenities, to beautiful backsplashes and refined rooms, we’d love to help you find the floorplan that’s a match for you.

Interested in checking out our list of floor plans, including fully furnished apartments? Click here to schedule a tour and talk with a leasing agent.

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