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5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Living in an Apartment Community

It’s a new year and people all over have set goals to help them live a healthier life. Whatever your health-related goals are—whether they are to exercise more, sleep longer, take daily vitamins, or stay better connected with friends and family—it’s important to set goals to help you stay both physically and mentally fit. Luxury apartment communities provide a variety of ways for their residents to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 ways you can stay healthy while living in an apartment community.

Work out in an indoor fitness facility 

Going to an indoor gym can help residents easily stay fit throughout the year. Most luxury apartments have indoor fitness studios for residents to use. Residents can workout throughout the winter, since fitness studios are indoors. Obviously, fitness studios offer an easy way to keep your New Year’s resolutions. 

444 Social gives residents access to a functional fitness studio, cardio studio, and yoga studio. The fitness studios have state-of-the-art equipment, as well as fresh, clean towels for people to use during and after their workouts. These types of luxurious details make 444 Social’s fitness studios top notch. 

Develop a new hobby

Another way that residents of apartment communities can stay fit and keep their resolutions this year is by developing a new hobby. Hobbies could include games or other physical activities. Games and activities give people an easy way to get off of the couch and socialize with other residents.

444 Social has different activities for residents to enjoy. Residents can play a game of shuffleboard on an outdoor court. If it’s too cold outside, they can test their golfing skills in an indoor golf simulator. Additionally, there is a community dock, where people can check out shared kayaks and paddle for exercise when it is warmer.

Run, walk, or bike outside

Residents of apartment communities can stay active by spending time outside running, walking, or cycling. This requires you to have pathways nearby, which apartment communities often have around their complex. People can use these paths to walk their dogs, or even to train for athletic races. Going on a run or walk is much easier when you have pathways near your apartment.

444 Social has a private half-mile trail around the community, as well as local nature trails for those who want to take a long run, walk, or bike ride. 

Swim for exercise

Many apartment communities have resort-style pools for residents to swim in during the warmer months. Pools provide places for people to burn calories by treading water, diving, or swimming laps, especially during the summertime when the weather is warm. People who are training for athletic races, like triathlons, can practice swimming before their race. Residents with access to a swimming pool have another way to exercise and keep their resolutions.

444 Social has a resort-style pool that is open to residents in the warmer months. The pool is heated in the early fall, so residents can swim at the start of the season. After a swim, residents can relax on the sundeck and in the semi-private cabanas.

Try out a new type of workout

Experimenting with different types of workouts can help you stay fit while living in an apartment community. You could do a workout class online in your apartment, such as yoga or pilates. If your apartment gym has the right equipment, you can try doing different weight and cardio workouts. Apartment communities usually have state-of-the-art equipment available in their gyms for residents to use while working out. Having an assortment of options to choose from can help you feel excited about working out, instead of feeling bored with the same routine. 

444 Social has Peloton bikes, which were recently named as “The Best Cardio Machine” by Men’s Health. Along with these high-tech stationary bikes, 444 Social offers a punching bag, medicine balls, and many other high-quality exercise machines for residents.

Staying healthy

Residents of apartment communities can easily keep their health-related New Year’s resolutions. They enjoy amenities that help promote a healthier lifestyle including fitness studios, state-of-the-art equipment, swimming pools, and pathways around the community. Many of these amenities promote a healthier life, which is why many people love living in luxury apartment communities. These types of communities allow their residents to easily make healthier choices and stay fit.

444 Social offers all of these benefits and more. Interested in learning more about our apartment community in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.


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