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Perks of Living in a Studio Apartment This Summer

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The summer is a popular time for people to move and settle into new apartments. Whether you’ve just finished school for the year, you’re starting a new job, or just looking for a fresh start in the warm weather, you might find yourself searching for an apartment. There are many floor plans to consider, but one that often goes unnoticed is a studio apartment. 

While they are generally smaller, and usually not ideal for a large family, they are great options for two people or individuals. We’ve outlined some big perks of living in a studio layout this summer that might just convince you to tour a few during your search for the perfect apartment.


Utilities cost less

In the summer, people generally spend more on utilities as they crank the air conditioning and fans. A big benefit to having one large room rather than individual rooms is that you are able to more quickly cool your living space, and keep the cool air inside for longer. Rather than having the AC running all day, you might be able to run it for an hour or two at a time and even utilize open windows at night to stay refreshed. This helps cut down on your utility bills, leaving extra budget for fun in the sun.


Easy to clean

Having less square footage is a great way to cut back on your cleaning responsibilities. Rather than cleaning room by room, you can focus on the whole space at once and tackle the important tasks first without being overwhelmed. 

During the summer, there is nothing worse than spending a whole day cooped up inside doing chores. With one room, you’ll stay on task and finish your cleaning faster than in an apartment with multiple rooms. Having a studio apartment is a great way to keep your cleaning list short and sweet so that you can get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 


Encourages you to spend time outside

While studio apartments can be spacious and luxurious, they still consist of only one room. When you want a change of scenery, you can go outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. In larger apartments and homes, it can be tempting to waste the weather and spend the day inside binging TV. If you need a little extra push to enjoy the sun, this can be a great motivator to get outside. A studio apartment helps you make the most of your summer and enjoy outdoor activities.


Open floor plans

Studios are known for their completely open floor plans. This is not only great for the airflow in the warm months, but also for letting the summer sun light up and warm your space. Being able to enjoy the summer days from any area of your room by simply opening the blinds makes your home brighter and happier. This is one sure-fire way to boost your mood and make your summer one to remember.


Studios and summers go hand-in-hand

Summer is short, and it’s important to make the most of it. It might surprise people when they learn that living in a studio apartment is often not only a more affordable option, but one that encourages a lifestyle tailored for an unforgettable summer. Whether you like to spend it doing activities with your friends or exploring the great outdoors on your own, studio apartments are perfect for your summer bucket list. 


Interested in checking out our list of floor plans, including fully furnished studio apartments? Click here to schedule a tour and talk with a leasing agent.

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