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4 of the Best Restaurants in Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire is a suburb on the outskirts of Chicago, making it a great location to raise a family or get out of the hustle and bustle of a busy city while still enjoying the benefits of the Windy City’s attractions. However, you don’t need to make a trip to the skyscrapers to enjoy local attractions in Lincolnshire. There are a plethora of restaurants, shopping centers, and other attractions right in the village itself. If you like to go out for a bite to eat, whether occasionally or frequently, there are many delicious options in the area. We’ve gathered 4 of the best restaurants in Lincolnshire you can enjoy today.



If you’re looking for fine dining with steaks and seafood, Wildfire is a great option for your dinner plans. With 50% off of wine on Mondays and nightly specials, you can enjoy a unique meal any night of the week. They even offer a gluten free menu for lighter meals and kids meals for the whole family. Locals love the friendly staff and special birthday celebrations that can make your night unique.


Big Bowl

Some enticing cuisine in Lincolnshire can be found at Big Bowl Chinese and Thai. Big Bowl is a local favorite for authentic Asian food and Pad Thai. Known for their bold flavors, this is a great place to grab everything from pot stickers and dumplings to ramen and shrimp. Fans of crafted specialty cocktails can also enjoy a Mai Tai or Mojito while taking in the atmosphere and themed restaurant.



Everyone loves Italian food, and one of the best Italian restaurants in Lincolnshire can be found at Bontá Pizzeria and Restaurant. Wood fired brick oven pizzas and calzones are just the tip of the iceberg here. Patrons can also order from a pasta or sandwich menu complete with quality meats and seafood. The owner of this establishment boasts of having the best cannolis, and locals tend to agree! Other desserts to wrap up the meal include tiramisu and other creamy homemade desserts. 


Fat Rosie’s

Mexican dishes are another popular favorite, and Fat Rosie’s is just the place to deliver. 

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a fiesta, with exciting music and vibrant decor. This is a unique and special place to celebrate any event, complete with margarita’s and other festive drinks. You can enjoy your Mexican corn or tacos in either indoor or outdoor seats, all while enjoying complimentary chips and fresh salsa.


Eat well

Lincolnshire is home to all sorts of restaurants, perfect for special occasions or everyday life. Restaurant aficionados can enjoy a variety of atmospheres and food sure to keep your dining experiences unique. 444 Social is in the heart of Lincolnshire, so residents can enjoy dining out whenever they desire. 

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