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5 Tips for Making Friends in a New Apartment Community

Moving into a new apartment space usually comes with lots of exciting perks. There’s the general bonus of a fresh start, and, of course, there’s the opportunity to meet and befriend your new neighbors. Making friends in your apartment community is a great way to help settle into your new home, and here are some tips to make that socializing even easier than just knocking on doors.

Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

This one might seem obvious, but go beyond a polite smile in the hallway or a simple “hello” as you’re grabbing your mail. There’s probably a ton of other people lounging around the pool or enjoying pleasant weather in an outdoor courtyard—so try to make conversation while you’re all taking some leisure time. You’re probably not interrupting anything, and community spaces are made for mingling. Even a quick chat in the elevator could open the door to a budding friendship. 

Spend Time in Community Areas

Lots of apartment communities carefully design communal spaces to encourage residents to get to know each other. If you spend time working from home, you could try out your apartment’s common space, grab some coffee and take advantage of the free wifi. Getting into a regular workout routine in the community fitness center is another great way to meet neighbors who share your interest in exercising. Or try reading your book in the lobby or find a cozy space where other neighbors are likely to pass through. If others are spending time in these kinds of communal spaces, it probably means they want to make some new friends as well. Perhaps even take a stroll on a nearby walking path; it’ll be good for your health and offer another opportunity to bump into neighbors. If you hit it off with someone on the trail, you might have just found a new jogging partner. 

Going to Resident Events

Apartment community resident events are another great way to meet your neighbors. With many different events designed for all residents to enjoy, it provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new faces and keep you entertained. Some events might also include collaborations with local businesses that help in getting to know the area as well.

Get to Know Your Dog Neighbors, Consider Adopting

Most of the time, bringing a pet along with you into a new apartment community is a great conversation starter. Owning a dog and being out and about is a great way to meet other pet owners. Ask neighbors about nearby dog parks, or offer to go on walks together, or chat about your favorite routes to explore with your pup. Even neighbors without a pet themselves might want to play with yours, which would be a great time to start up a conversation. If you don’t yet have a furry sidekick, consider adopting one. Even before you bring your pet home, you could ask for tips from your dog-owning neighbors.

Use Community Social Applications to Gather

Some apartment communities offer social applications for their tenants. If yours does, take advantage of its ability to connect you to community services and other residents. For example, 444 Social in Lincolnshire offers its residents the RISE app, which is both useful for daily living (such as coordinating dog walking, getting community updates, receiving dry cleaning services, and scheduling fitness classes) and for socializing with other residents (through its group creation feature).

With all these tips under your belt, getting to know new friends in an apartment community like 444 Social should be easier than ever before. Interested in learning more about our community in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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