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How to Move Apartments Like a Pro


Moving can be a stressful event, especially if you are not prepared. It can be difficult and time consuming to pack up all of your belongings and keep everything organized. On the other hand, moving to a new apartment can bring you many positive changes, such as giving you access to luxury amenities, a bigger space, and bringing you closer to school or work. It can also be exciting to make new friends and have a fresh start. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why people move periodically. To make sure that your next move is a positive experience for your whole family, we’ve created a list of tips to help you move apartments like a pro.

Go through belongings

One of the easiest ways that you can prepare for a move is to get rid of clutter and any belongings that you don’t need anymore. That way, you’ll have less to pack and won’t need to worry about spending time getting rid of things while packing. Sell or donate anything that is still in good condition. Getting rid of excess clutter, and other belongings that you don’t need, will help you feel relief since you’ll have less stuff and be completely ready to start packing.

Ask for assistance

It doesn’t hurt to have extra help with packing, moving, and unpacking before, during, or after moving day. If you have friends and family nearby, don’t be afraid to ask for their help with your move. Often, an extra helping hand makes things go faster and smoother. Plus, you’ll feel less overwhelmed if you have someone around to help you sort out any unexpected problems that may occur. 

Buy extra packing materials

It always helps to have extra packing materials on hand. You never know how many boxes or how much packing tape you’ll need, so to be safe grab a few extra rolls of tape and boxes from the store. You can also buy boxes specifically designed for certain objects, like TVs. Don’t forget to buy enough bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam sheets to use to pack breakable objects like glass dishes. That way, you’ll be able to pack all of your belongings safely and securely. 

Start packing early

Begin packing early so that you have enough time to move everything on moving day. Set a plan for what you will pack and when you’ll do it. Depending on how much time you’d like to have, give yourself between 8 to 12 weeks before your move to prepare. Packing ahead of time will allow you to be able to have time to clean and not feel stressed or rushed on your moving day. 

Hire a moving company

If you feel like you might need help while moving, then you might want to look into hiring a moving company. Moving crews can be especially helpful when moving heavy furniture and boxes. When searching for the right moving company, look at reviews online. Choose a company that has high reviews and exceptional customer service. Selecting a reliable moving company can help your move go even more smoothly. 

Feeling at home

Now that you have finally moved into your new apartment and have finished unpacking all of your boxes, you and your family will start to feel more at home. Add personal touches like picture frames and throw pillows to make your apartment feel inviting and comfortable. If you work from home, create a home office that will help you be productive during work hours. Take advantage of the luxuries provided by your new home, especially any amenities that you now have access to. Now, you and your family are on your way to feeling right at home in your new living space. 

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