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4 Luxury Apartment Amenities that Extend a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is a compact, everything-in-one area home—it’s the perfect amount of space for one person. Oftentimes, studio apartments come with a kitchen, living space, and sleeping area. The great thing about studio apartments is that they can come with many features and external amenities that help expand the space you call home. These types of amenities give you everything you need to enjoy luxury living outside of your studio apartment, and more. If you are looking for a studio apartment to live in, you may want to consider some of the amenities that the apartment community has to offer, as they can make your living space larger than just your unit. Here are four amenities and features that help expand and extend a studio apartment.

Private balconies

In many luxury apartment communities, individual units have their own private balcony or terrace. These balconies act as another room in your home. You can deck it out with chairs, a table, or other furniture to make the place your own. It’s a space where you can get fresh air, work done, eat, or just relax. 

At 444 Social, every studio unit comes with a private balcony or terrace, which adds significant square footage to the apartment. If you’re looking for more space outdoors, 444 Social may be the place for you.

Indoor community spaces

Many apartment communities offer residents a variety of indoor community spaces that can expand your apartment experience. Lounges, offices, work areas, and other communal spaces provide other places for you to go outside of your apartment, meet new people, and socialize. 

At 444 Social, there is a coffee bar, multiple lounges for working and socializing, a library with a view of the pond outside, and a media room with a large video wall. All of these spaces act as bonus rooms that can expand your living space if you’re in a studio apartment.

Fitness studios

Fitness studios are another amenity that can make a studio apartment feel less compact. Not only do they give you a place to go exercise, but they’re also a space to meet other residents. Many luxury apartment communities offer high-end fitness studios that give their residents an athletic club experience without having to leave the building.

The fitness studio at 444 Social is decked out with Peloton bikes as well as other cardio equipment, weights, and a yoga studio. 

Outdoor community spaces

While balconies provide great places to get fresh air without leaving your apartment, there are still many other amenities located outdoors that apartment communities offer. Some apartment communities have outdoor grills and dining areas for residents and guests to enjoy a meal outside on warmer days. Many luxury buildings have pools, providing another space for you to get fresh air without going too far from home. A pool acts as a place for lounging, exercising, and cooling off. These kinds of outdoor communal areas are what make luxury apartment communities stand out, giving residents a variety of places to go outside of their unit.

At 444 Social, the pool is resort-style, with semi-private cabanas and a sundeck that offers residents both privacy and luxury. There’s also a roof deck for dining, a shuffleboard court, grills for residents to use, and a pond with a half-mile path around it. All of these outdoor amenities make living at 444 Social a truly luxurious experience.

Expanding your home

Many apartment buildings have amenities and features that expand your living space. If you’re looking for a studio apartment but aren’t looking to compromise on space, then a luxury apartment community like 444 Social may be the right place for you.

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