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6 Tips for Apartment Hunting in the Wintertime

While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most cold time of the year. If you’re looking for a new apartment to call home, it can be stressful and unappealing to hunt for the perfect place in the frigid air. In addition, since leases usually don’t end in the winter, it can seem as though there is low inventory. However, winter can also be the perfect time to discover a new apartment community to move into. We’ve gathered a few tips to help your search be merry and bright as you investigate your housing options this winter.


Call ahead

If you have a wishlist to stick to when looking for your dream apartment, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by making a few calls. If the listing you’re looking at doesn’t include information about amenities, security features, rent rates, or other important aspects of the unit, you can usually find a phone number for the front desk or a listing agent. They will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you further narrow down your list. Stay warm this season and verify your options before you make the trek in snowy weather to an apartment that won’t meet your needs. 


Work with a rental broker

Half of the struggle of moving apartments is finding your options. A local rental broker can take all of that stress off of you. Their job is to find listings that check all the boxes on your wishlist and do all of the research for you. Many cities utilize rental brokers exclusively if you want to find the best apartments on the market, however, any city will have a broker or two if you’re looking to hire help in your hunt. 

Think of your rental broker as a real estate agent for apartments. They know the inventory inside and out, and are often experts in the local areas, meaning they can give you insider tips about the best location for your family to live. Rental brokers are also usually in touch with renters and landlords, so they can give you the inside scoop on what it would be like to rent from each facility. Rental brokers can be your secret weapon to a seamless winter apartment hunt this year.


Don’t forget about summer

While you’re touring a cozy apartment in the winter, the summertime might be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s important to consider the year-round implications of living in that unit. One of the biggest factors to consider is the AC setup. Whether it be central air or a box unit in a window, making sure that you know what you’re signing up for in the hotter months is important to long-term happiness and comfort in your new home.


Take a virtual tour

In today’s market, it’s extremely common to have the option of viewing a virtual tour of an apartment complex online. This is not only convenient, but it can also answer many of the questions you may have about a property. At 444 Social, we offer virtual tours of all our floor plans and amenities, allowing you the flexibility to find the perfect layout for you.

By taking advantage of virtual tours, you can more easily narrow down your options and save yourself time by only scheduling in-person tours for the apartments that catch your eye. This is especially important in the winter months so that you can stay cozied up inside with a warm cup of coffee for as long as possible.


Visit early in the day

Once you’ve made a list of apartments that fit your needs, you can begin scheduling walking tours. Something to keep in mind when making your appointments is the time the sun sets. You want to take your visits earlier in the day so that you can see everything in the brightest daylight possible. This will allow you to not only inspect the condition of the property inside and out but also to visualize the amount of natural light your potential home would receive. Doing this can help you avoid any unwelcome surprises that the dark might hide, such as poorly lit parking lots or dingy amenities. At 444 Social, all of our luxurious amenities are state-of-the-art and ready to help you live like you’re on vacation every day. 


Drive through the surrounding neighborhood and towns

Stay warm in your car and get a feel for the area at the same time. On your way to a tour of the apartment, be sure to take a detour and check out the surrounding area. Driving through neighborhoods will give you a look at the local age ranges or activities, and allow you to make a call about whether your family would fit into the community. You can also drive through the city to see what entertainment, shopping, and food options are nearby. It’s important that you sign a lease in an area that will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire, whether that’s a quiet community or a bustling nightlife. At 444 Social, your neighbors are your community, with plenty of spaces to gather and mingle. We also host events to get to know your neighbors and make new friends, and the city offers great shopping and restaurants for our residents’ enjoyment.

Find your dream apartment

It’s more than possible to find the perfect home for you in the wintertime. Apartment communities such as 444 Social are often looking to rent all sizes of units and add to our great community of residents. We offer tours both online and in person, and our friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have. Both pet-friendly and luxury-oriented, our residents enjoy living here all year round. 

Interested in living at 444 Social? Contact us here to schedule a tour of our community.

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