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5 Tips for Taking Care of a Pet in an Apartment

Living in a pet-friendly apartment allows you to bring your entire family with you when you move in. It has a lot of perks, especially if there are other pet owners living near you so that you can have doggy-playdates. However, there are some challenges that might arise in an apartment living with a pet, and it can be an adjustment if you’re both used to living in a bigger space. To help you out, if you’re making the move with your pet to an apartment soon, here are 5 tips for taking care of a pet in an apartment.

Brush them frequently

One thing about pets that is pretty much unavoidable is their shedding. Unless you get a hypo-allergenic pet, you are going to have to deal with some level of pet hair throughout your apartment. One way to help reduce the mess is to brush your furry friend frequently. 

Brushing allows the stray hairs to be released all at once, in one place. This makes it easier for you to clean up and contain, rather than having shedding everywhere all the time. Depending on the breed, brushing once a day might not be a bad habit to get into.

Give them a view

Most pets enjoy having as much room as you can give them. They love the outdoors and wide open spaces. While apartments can be spacious and large enough to share, your pet might appreciate being able to see outside as well. Providing a place for them to sit near a window or simply keeping the blinds open can help them be more entertained and feel more comfortable. You could also make a comfortable space for your pet by getting them a bed to rest on.

Exercise often

As with any home, pets start to feel cramped and highly-energetic if they are cooped up inside for too long. In order to avoid any chaos that might ensue in your apartment due to a hyper pet, it's a good idea to find ways to exercise them often. 

Walks are easy to do, but there are other alternatives such as playing hide and seek with their favorite treat or playing fetch. This will help keep your pet more calm and lead to a happier pet.

Prioritize training

When a pet is going to be inside all day, they need to be on their best behavior. In order to help, you need to prioritize training. Teaching your pet what they can chew on and where they can sit is just the tip of the iceberg. 

You’ll also need to introduce them to a schedule, so that you aren’t running outside for their bathroom breaks a dozen times a day. You should also consider training your dog not to bark in order to preserve peace with your neighbors. If you’re looking for an easier and faster way to see results, consider hiring a professional trainer.

Find a dog park

Another way to encourage exercise for your pet is to find a local dog park. This will not only help them release energy, but it will allow them to socialize and become more comfortable with other dogs and people. 

Some apartments, like 444 Social, have a dog park included as an amenity. The Woof Top is a great place for your pet to enjoy some fresh air with their neighbors. It provides green space and fun obstacles for pets to play on.

The benefits of living in an apartment with a pet

Many apartments host events where pets are more than welcome, such as a food truck gathering. These kinds of events make it easy to make new friends with other pet owners. Pet-friendly apartment communities understand that your four-legged friends are family, and they work to make them feel that way. From providing ways to easily take your pet for a walk to providing great views, your pet can thrive in an apartment community.

444 Social encourages a pet-centered community. Interested in learning more about our apartment complex in Lincolnshire? Contact us here for more information.

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